Rainbow Friday is a shiny, happy event that celebrates small business and adds color to your holiday shopping! Each of the businesses below crafts and creates and curates. We hope you, our neighbors, value our goods. And, when choosing how you spend your time, money and thought on gift-giving, we hope something we make meets your needs. We constructed Rainbow Friday so that you, wonderful people, can:

  1. Take advantage of some great sales and have a chance to win awesome things!
  2. Give gifts that support your community. I mean that sentence literally. When you buy from small, local shops you vote for economic health and creative wellbeing in your world.
  3. Stay home and enjoy your people in the days after Thanksgiving. Open your computer and shop when everyone is asleep after a rich day of play, conversation, snuggles and laughter.

Each rad business below is offering up a giveaway and a great deal.

This whole thing goes down:
Friday, November 27 – Monday, November 30. All day for four days.

To be entered for the giveaways, simply leave a comment on this post. 18 giveaways, 18 winners. Randomly selected. Unless you leave an epic comment and then we will just pick you. Just kidding. Winners announced on Wed, Dec 2. I will announce here under each item.

Happy Thanksgiving. If you want to respond to something in the comments, tell us what you feel thankful for today. Lots of love to you all!

1. ⇒ HYGGE COFFEE / facebook / @hygge_coffee

Hygge Coffee Co. is a Montana based craft roaster dedicated to roasting exceptional specialty coffees, and highlighting the lives that surround the coffees from Seed to Cup.

DEAL: 30% off entire Coffee Collection on website. Coupon Code: RAINBOW2015WEEKEND
GIVEAWAY: A Weekly Coffee Subscription for 3 Months. Every Friday for 13 weeks we will send you One Fresh Roasted 12oz. bag of Hygge Coffee (domestic shipping included, and coffee of your choice)

2. ⇒ EARLYWOOD / facebook / @earlywooddesigns / pinterest

Handcrafted heirloom quality kitchen utensils and cutting boards made in Red Lodge, Montana.

DEAL: 15% off all orders. Coupon code: RAINWOOD
GIVEAWAY: set of my new super fun tasting spoons! (one in each wood for a $60 value)

3. ⇒ MAMA LOVES OILS / essential oil blog

Mama Loves Oils is a devotion to wellness for my family, with the daily use of essential oils we’ve been a healthier/happier pack for many years. I love to share what I’ve learned from using oils, as well as what I’ve learned from other people that use oils, and I am happy to help you find the oils that work for you and yours.

DEAL: Every order placed, $50 and up, will enter you in a drawing for a free ultrasonic diffuser. All new sign-ups (spending $150 or more) will get a free reference guide.
GIVEAWAY: Peppermint oil ($29 value) smells like a candy cane, is an anti-inflammatory, aids in digestion, is a fever reducer, is great for headaches, eases congestion when inhaled, and benefits you in more ways than can fit in a sentence.

4. ⇒ SARAH’S SILKS / facebook / @sarahssilks

We make simple, colorful playsilks and dressups for your child’s creative play.

DEAL: Use code RAINBOW for 20% off
GIVEAWAY: Giant Rainbow Silk with 2 playclips Giveaway! ($65 value)

5. ⇒ B. HANDMADE DESIGNS / facebook / @bhandmadedesigns

I make comfy sewn specialities in our quaint studio outside of Helena, Montana.

DEAL: 20% off with the coupon code GIVETHANKS
GIVEAWAY: super soft O CHRISTMAS TREE flannel infinity scarf

6. ⇒ LAVE LAKE JEWELRY / facebook / @lavalakejewelry

LavaLake uniquely creates jewelry using raw metals, beautiful beads and a bit of torch work; in my little studio in Seattle.

DEAL: 20% off entire purchase with code FRIEND20
GIVEAWAY: Initial Bangle Bracelet (2)
Copper or bronze bangle to stack together, wear alone or pair with other bracelets each with a Sterling silver custom initial.

7. ⇒ LITTLE GREEN THINGS / facebook / @littlegreenthings

Littlegreenthings creates reclaimed wood embroidery designed for feel-good living.

DEAL: 25% off using code RAINBOW25
GIVEAWAY: This little wood embroidery wall art (a mix of reclaimed wood, yarn, embroidery floss, oil pastel and ink) measures 8 x 6 and is ready to hang with a hook on the back.

8. ⇒ THE DHARMA DOOR / facebook / pinterest / @thedharmadoorusa

It is the mission of The Dharma Door to bring Fair Trade goods to a new marketplace, bridging the gap between ethical production and contemporary style.

DEAL: Use code RAINBOWFRIDAY for 25% off everything
GIVEAWAY: A wonderful gift for anyone on your list, our hemp string bags are sustainable, strong & stylish. Perfect to use for shopping or they look gorgeous hanging in your kitchen in between uses.

9. ⇒ STULL KNITS / facebook / @ bustullfaloadventures

Stull Knits was created in 2009 as a way for me share my creative energy.  Today, I’m a wife and mother to five amazing unschooled kiddos (ages 2-15).  As a family, we’ve sold/donated/discarded almost everything we own and are fixing to live full time on our 1978 GM Buffalo Bus, we’re converting, while traveling the States.  Our house recently went under contract with a set date in December to turn over the keys to the new owners.  Let the adventure begin!

DEAL: $10 off your slipper order (reg $65).  Coupon code: SHARETHELOVE10
GIVEAWAY:  1 pair of women’s slippers

10. ⇒ STARRY KNIGHT / facebook / @starryknightdesign

Handmade Leather Shoes, Moccs, and Boots for Babies and Toddlers

DEAL: use code RAINBOW20 for 20% off all purchases
GIVEAWAY: Bison Baby and Toddler Leather Shoes

11. ⇒ URBAN BABY BONNETS / facebook / @urban.baby.bonnets

Urban Baby Bonnets makes hip, funky & totally functional sun hats for babies, kids & grown ups.  All of our hats are handmade in the USA by work-at-home women who are paid a fair, living wage.  Our hats are machine washable, provide discreet breastfeeding, and allow totally chemical-free sunprotection… plus, they’re super-fabulously cute!

DEAL: Special deal is free shipping on any size order during our once-a-year, humongous, super-duper, we-love-customers sale.  Code is DIGME.
GIVEAWAY: skiBonnet in butterscotch or pigeons, winner chooses size!

12. ⇒ MONTANA GRRL / facebook / pinterest / @montanagrrl

Montana Grrl Critter Gear offers handmade, nylon webbing free collars and other accessories for the stylish pet

DEAL: use coupon code turkeytime to save 30%
GIVEAWAY: Pups enjoy dressing up for holidays-win a Fashionable over the collar bandana with some of your favorite lines from A Christmas Story!!

13. ⇒ FARMGIRL PAINTS / @farmgirlpaints

We are a custom cuff shop.  You pick the leather, blank and words of your choice. It’s YOUR design:)

DEAL: Our shop is currently closed and our next opening is January 19, 2016. Follow us on instagram for updates.
GIVEAWAY: Handstamped leather cuff with colorful stitching…copper blank says “let’s go anywhere”.

14. ⇒ MAMACASE PRINTS / facebook / @mamacaseprints

I create modern, thoughtful designs for kids and screen print all tees by hand (mostly, while my kids play at my feet).

DEAL: RAINBOWFRIDAY25, good for 25% off all orders
GIVEAWAY: $25 gift card for the winner to shop to their heart’s content!

15. ⇒ ANGLE 33 WINE THERMALS / facebook / pinterest / @angle33

We are able to manufacture an environmentally friendly and aesthetically sophisticated product without compromising any of our values. We live and work in Missoula, Montana, not because it’s the manufacturing capital of the world or because there are great opportunities to “make it big,” but because: I want to raise my children here; there is an unmatched sense of community; and the number of fly-fishing opportunities is unrivaled.

DEAL: Buy one, get one (a $60-80 value!)
GIVEAWAY: Wine Thermal. Each handcrafted piece looks elegant and the functionality is unparalleled.

16. ⇒ PIPER & PAISLEY / facebook

Piper and Paisley specializes in intricately crafted handmade hats, focusing on quality materials, individual design, and superior fit.

DEAL: 15% off purchase with code RAINBOW15
GIVEAWAY: A quilted wool and leather 5-panel cap with adjustable velcro closure. Light weight, ultra comfortable, super styley, perfect.

17. ⇒ MELODY JOY DESIGNS / @melodyjoydesigns

I love to create things with my hands that make people happy! Lots of mama bird nests for mothers who have experienced love and loss, and in the winter months, I enjoy knitting chunky cowls to keep necks happy and warm.

DEAL: 30% off all cowls; use Coupon code RainbowFriday30
GIVEAWAY: Cowl of winner’s choice!

18. ⇒ NOTEWORTHY PAPER AND PRESS / facebook / pinterest

Noteworthy Paper & Press is a contemporary stationery boutique founded to share our love of hand-crafted paper goods and gifts.

DEAL: DIG20 for 20% off your entire purchase
GIVEAWAY: A boxed set of 8 snowflake pattern letterpress cards and a matching wooden snowflake ornament! The cards are hand-drawn and letterpress printed at Noteworthy Paper & Press in Missoula, Montana on bright white 100% archival cotton paper with coordinating white envelopes.

19. ⇒ ALPINE BABY CO. / facebook / @alpinebabyco

Inspired by nature, tested by Wild Ones. Home of the Original Knee-Patch Adventure Legging.

DEAL: Take 20% off your ENTIRE purchase using code “ALPINEBLACK” at checkout
Our 100% Organic, knee patch leggings are handmade in Whitefish MT. They feature a no-fold elastic waistband, and professionally serged seams.

20. ⇒ DIG THIS CHICK / facebook / @digthischick

DEAL: 20% off everything. Use code RAINBOWFRIDAY. Free international shipping on orders over $100.
GIVEAWAY: Foodie Gift Set! Includes one classic dish towel, a wool coozie set and café apron. All with the geographical appliqué of your choice. Value: $91.


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every night

Every night when we go to bed, we carry our kids to their beds from ours, where they always fall asleep just after reading books. We know they will fall back into our bed with us sometime between 10pm and 7am. But for those two to ten hours, we have that entire Queen all to ourselves. Well, and our dog and one or two cats curled among limbs.

I went to log into my blog over the weekend and couldn’t remember my password. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. But I certainly didn’t think it’d take me a good bit to remember how to login. I changed my password almost a year ago when wordpress told me I had to. I know it was almost a year ago because it was the day after Alice died. And on that gray, cold day I changed my password to include the date of her passing.

At night, after I carry Margot across the hall, I place her feet on the ladder to the top bunk. It has been six months since the last time I would ever carry her with one arm and climb the ladder to place her up there. It was literally one single, warm night when I just couldn’t muscle it any longer. Now, she, half-awake, ascends the ladder with me steadying her from below saying I got you baby. Night. Love you.

Ruby is easier, mostly because she’s on the bottom bunk but also because she has just a bit of baby left in her. No matter how awkward the carry position is, her frame sinks against mine like the stars find their place in a constellation.

We leave our door cracked all night because if we don’t, Sam leans his claws into the wood to voice his disapproval. Sam is our 17-year old cat whom we’ve had since he was a kitten. He chooses to sleep with us every night but likes to know he can get out if he wants to.

We went to a college football game last Saturday with my in-laws. At this game, I was one of 25,000 people who wanted a distraction, who wanted to have fun and focus on the things we love about this life. For me, this had absolutely nothing to do with football. For me, I was lifted by the our collective ability to breathe and desire for contentment, fulfillment, love and health. I was thoughtful about our crowd of people. The trust and vulnerability, the blood pumping through our hearts. And, what if.

What if. Continue reading

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hump day nuggets: ritual

Rainbow Friday is a shiny, happy event that celebrates small business and adds color to your holiday shopping! Each of the businesses below crafts and creates and curates. We hope you, our neighbors, value our goods. And, when choosing how you spend your time, money and thought on … Continue reading

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give yourself three minutes

I stand in the kitchen, tired, noticing I forgot to brush my furry teeth the night before. “Girls! It’s time to start our day!” I shout down the short hall to their sleepy bunk beds. I pull two creamy shots of espresso. The aroma awakens my skin. Andy’s art exhibit is in a few days and we are nearing the end of a tightly booked schedule. For months, Andy has been painting between 4 and 6:30am, before his 10 hour work day. And painting again in the evenings and on the weekends. Naturally, I’ve been keeping (attempting to keep) the homestead stuff together, weaving my work around cooking, kids, garden, pets etc. We’ve been in a doable and good rhythm, one that feels doable and good because it is creatively fueling for my husband and because it is finite. I cannot wait to see Andy stand in a white gallery*, surrounded by his art and people who love his art. I look forward to someone else making dinner again. I look forward to breezy, cozy weekday evenings.

I steam coconut milk and accidentally pour the most beautiful heart-leaf design into my mug. I think about taking a photo but I stand and stare instead, noticing how one little beautiful thing can be such a gift.

Last week, during a meeting with Margot’s teacher, I felt a lump in my jeans on my calf. It was a big lump and I couldn’t believe nobody told me that it looked like a was concealing a small squirrel up my pant leg. I fished my hand up the blasted skinny jean to fetch the item and instead I pulled out a pair of my underwear. That I then had to hold in my lap for the rest of the meeting.

Our kitchen is deconstructed as we prepare for the last bits of our four-year remodel. I wipe drywall dust off the little stool so I can spread peanut butter on bread for breakfast. Margot has a spelling test today.

BREEZE I say, emphasizing the Z. She wants to spell it with an S like cheese and and EA like please. And really, I wonder how any of us learn to spell when every rule is broken 12 different ways.

Mama, can you please tie this string on my wrist so it’s not too tight but also not too loose? Ruby always has very specific requests regarding fit and tension of accessories and clothing.

One second, baby. I fill lunch containers with sliced tomatoes, cheese and applesauce on the kitchen floor.

Little Dragon plays. The sun cuts light across the dusty floor. Mabel is hungry. I take hold of the fragile string with six gold rings and one diamond in the middle that is held tight to Ruby’s wrist. Except I don’t have a good grip and the beads fall, hop away and vanish into the floor. She screams in horror. I take a gulp of coffee and pick her up. I tell her we’ll make another but immediately regret saying that because that isn’t the point. She grieves over that bracelet on this morning.

She presses her wet cheek into the space between my collarbone and chin. I hold her with my right arm. I wipe the stool with my left hand and say SKELETON to Margot.

Despite the sock crisis, the kids make it to school on time and this small victory feels like a big one. Continue reading

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Ten years ago today I married Andy in the pouring rain.

As a teenager I would imagine my adult self. She would dive into a series of passionate relationships, having her heart broken easily and often. It would be ok because she felt alive and ready for everything that feeling alive involved. She would feverishly make art and travel the world after college and maybe never settle into one place.

I didn’t imagine that, at 18, I would fall in love with the boy I’d had a crush on since I was 11. And that would be it. Just the one passionate relationship. No broken hearts. We were a meteoric collision where two things awaken and strengthen simply by being together. I was stunned to know love like this existed. Love that made me feel the most alive, the most certain, the most vulnerable.

We went to a concert last night. Our babysitter arrived at 6 when I was in the shower, Andy was vacuuming up tumbleweeds of pet hair and the kids were laying in the driveway with stuffed animals. We weren’t ready for her. Or, actually, we were so ready for her. We were tired. We drank espresso, kissed our kids and left.

I didn’t know Todd Snider’s music very well. But Andy knows me and booked tickets long ago. We paid a little extra to have seats at a table which we proudly noticed makes us in the “older” bracket of concert goers. I remember a time when the cheapest ticket was the ticket we always booked, when we happily stood for hours smushed in the front beer-splashing quadrant of show. Well, I guess we still do that at Pearl Jam but this show felt more like my favorite poetry reading in a friend’s living room.

Elizabeth Cook opened and the beauty of her voice and her words brought tears to my eyes three times in 45 minutes. She told stories that gripped the room and I thought about that power people have when they are doing their thing – the real thing they are meant to do – and the universe shivers with joy.

I leaned into Andy’s side, his two hands clamshelled around my right hand. He has held my hand that way for almost 19 years. I studied it last night. His hands have aged but they hold the same delicate shape, like a prayer around mine. Continue reading

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