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My husband’s grandpa, Lewie, had a heart attack and it is difficult to absorb. As much as I’d like to be Zen about death, I always panic and feel regret about whatever it is that I didn’t do to maximize my experience with that person. I don’t know how to not feel this way or if I am supposed to just feel this way. Either way, it’s hard. Dolly and Lewie are gardeners. Every time we visit their home in … Continue reading cycles →
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photos: my house August 2006; my house October 2003 (when we bought it) The largest crop in the United States is the lawn. Seriously. According to Cascadia Food Not Lawns, US lawns consume 270 billion gallons of water a week–enough to water 81 million acres of organic vegetables all summer long. So, what gives? Why grass?My dad loves his lawn. It is perfectly perfect and green and luxuriant and persuasive. When I ask him, “Why grass, dad?” He says, “Because … Continue reading lawn=yawn →
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spring fever

My front yard, a low-water, anti-grass garden, is bursting. Also bursting is this high-energy, unable to run gal. I cleaned up all of the leaves I scattererd last fall and pruned all the dead back. Since I took the master gardening class with Missoula County extension officer Helen Atthowe two years ago, I have listened to her brilliance and not made everything squeaky clean in the fall. Leaving all the foliage and blanketing the earth with leaves prevents weed seed … Continue reading spring fever →
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feeling feral with rocket salad

Tonight I planted seeds by headlamp. The experience was easy enough. I mean, I do have two exterior lights in my back yard (my husband is a recent electrician and I am sure that number will grow soon). But I felt sort of wild sowing arugula by moonlight.I planted Botanical Interests Arugula Mediterranean Rocket Salad. I don’t know if it is the whole equinox theory but I feel a bit rough and uncultivated the last few days. I have been … Continue reading feeling feral with rocket salad →
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vernal equinox

According to and The Vernal Eqinox is when night and day are nearly the same length and sun crosses the celestial equator ( the projection of the Earth’s equator onto the sky) moving northward. On the Vernal Equinox the sun rises exactly in the east travels through the sky for 12 hours and sets exactly in the west. On the Equinox this is the motion of the sun through the sky for everyone on earth. Every place on … Continue reading vernal equinox →
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