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garden sashay

Peas are nearly 100% germinated! I planted three additional pea seeds this weekend.Beets are around 50% germinated and what a disappointment. The seeds had clumped together so I moved them apart knowing that they don’t do well at all with root disturbance but they are totally fine!Lettuces, Arugula and Radish are thriving.Tomato seedlings coming up strong. STRANGE GARDEN HAPPENINGS:- I have a random onion growing in my lettuce. I didn’t even plant onions.- Several of my tulips have been severed … Continue reading garden sashay →
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I am not going to art school this fall and I am giving myself permission to mourn that loss. I know I have a lot of great things going, but it doesn’t make it any less difficult to change directions. As my friend Jennifer would say, I have a hitch in my giddyup. My man and I are pregnant and I am excited, sure, but I didn’t pick this. And sometimes when things pick you, it takes a while to … Continue reading changes →
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more seeds

I bought the rest (probably but you never know**) of my seeds for the edible garden: Seeds of Change Nardello Heirloom Sweet Pepper* High Mowing Seeds Scarlet Nantes Carrots High Mowing Seeds California Wonder Sweet Bell Pepper* Botanical Interests Genovese Italian Basil Botanical Interests Purple Petra Basil Seeds of Change Nantes Coreless Carrot *planted indoors today** I think I will have to buy:Tangerine Pimento Sweet Pepper Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato
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I love the way dandelions look in the spring. They are so cute and compact and joyful in a sidewalk crack or the middle of boring lawn. They are pretty admirable too–they can survive in damn near every hardiness zone (kind of like cows), grow in any kind of soil and with any level of moisture, bloom prolifically even when you chop and chop, the seed heads are silvery and whimsical and the stem a beautiful beet red. And talk … Continue reading dandelions →
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rainy day, new basement

It is finally raining today in Missoula. We haven’t had much precipitation and as much as I have adored the sunny, too-hot-too-early weather, it just isn’t right. I hope it dumps for at least a month. The basement remodel is almost finished! My crafty husband did a smashing job. I don’t have the way before pics I wish I had but picture this: grody, crumbling, concrete floor covered in asbestos linoleum, too-low ceilings with spider nests abundant, cheapo, fake wood … Continue reading rainy day, new basement →
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