cheap and cheerful sweet pea trellis

I have to give full credit for the phrase “cheap and cheerful” to my great friend Pam. The words are amazingly applicable to many things including this trellis:

I planted Burpee‘s Galaxy Mix climbing sweet peas today. The seeds are from 2005 so I am curious to see how many germinate.

I found a bunch of barely-held-together old windows in our garage, broke out the glass and stapled chicken wire to one side. Last year I trellised my cucs on them. If I wasn’t so impatient I would have scrubbed the flaking paint off of the frames before sticking in soil. Next year.

In other edible news: Everything is popping up that I planted on March 19 & 21.

3 Responses to cheap and cheerful sweet pea trellis

  1. Jean says:

    While trolling your blog today I saw this entry about cheap and easy sweet pea trellises. Another good idea along this line is using those circular wire tomato trellises. I tried it last year with excellent results. Just stick them in the ground here and there–seed don’t necessarily have to be in rows, even–and up they come and latch on perfectly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You may not want to feed those peas to young kids,
    as the paint on the old windows may be lead based.
    Lead exposure effects brain development and kids with high lead levels will likely have learning problems.
    Washing the peas would probably take care of the lead dust…but who knows…You could test the windows
    frames just to be safe…lead test kits are cheap and easy to use. Sorry to put a negative spin on such
    an adorable and recycl-ee idea.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey anonymous,

    you think you never ate paint chips?? lighten-up! life is too short. don’t get hit by a bus.


    sam shroyer