I love the way dandelions look in the spring. They are so cute and compact and joyful in a sidewalk crack or the middle of boring lawn. They are pretty admirable too–they can survive in damn near every hardiness zone (kind of like cows), grow in any kind of soil and with any level of moisture, bloom prolifically even when you chop and chop, the seed heads are silvery and whimsical and the stem a beautiful beet red. And talk about survival of the fittest–why I’d wager to say that one dandelion gone to seed creates a dozen others. Dandelions are used for detox, pagan rituals, and immune support of the liver, digestion, joints, skin conditions, and even cancer.

Sure I am frustrated when they creep into my edible garden or take over the underground niches so my intentionally planted plants struggle against claustrophobia, but I say we embrace the dandelion (within reason.) Just check out the above photo…this guy was just hanging out in my boulevard. Learn to love the bright yellow as the very first spring bloom and then pull it up by the roots mercilessly before it goes to seed. Because, while adorable, they are invasive. As are many things in my life.

7 Responses to dandelions

  1. Jean says:

    What wondrous essay on the humble dandelion. “Joyful in a crack” I love that. I learned an interesting thing about digging dandelions. If you dig them up and put them in piles and wait until the next day to dispose of them, they will have gone to seed in their hurry to propagate, just what you might be hoping to prevent. xo J

  2. Hi Jean, I have noticed that…they are so determined! When I dig ’em up, I try to put them immediately in the trash can. NOT the compost….they germinate so easily and unless your compost is really hot, they will pop up.

  3. TRB Holt says:

    One more use for the for the infamous Dandelion…..when I was little one of my mother’s dearest friends, Nell Huges, (we use to call her Nellie Bell), made the most incrediable Dandelion Wine. Maybe there is a market for this….know anyone who could design a label for the bottle!?

  4. hmmm. have you ever tried it mom?

  5. Amy says:

    My friends dad also used to make it, but I was way to little to try it or like it if I did.

    We have dandelions all along our curb and they make me really happy because they are the only blooms to be seen so far. I actually really like them, much to my neighbors dismay!

  6. TRB Holt says:

    No I did not try it, I too was to young. I guess I know it was good because my mom said so. Uncle Skip and I used to help pick Dandelions for her.

  7. “I love the way dandelions look in the spring”

    Me too!

    A pleasure to meet a fellow dandelion fan and blogger.