garden sashay

Peas are nearly 100% germinated! I planted three additional pea seeds this weekend.
Beets are around 50% germinated and what a disappointment. The seeds had clumped together so I moved them apart knowing that they don’t do well at all with root disturbance but they are totally fine!
Lettuces, Arugula and Radish are thriving.
o seedlings coming up strong.

– I have a random onion growing in my lettuce. I didn’t even plant onions.
– Several of my tulips have been severed just below the bloom. Not a clean cut and the pathetic, once-beautiful bloom lies languishing on the hot soil. At first I though it was some little punk kid but it is so random and happened in my fenced-in backyard too.
– I had finally given up on growing astilbe as it was the most unproductive, sickly looking plant in my plot and I was unable to make them happy. So I pulled a dead plant last fall and angrily threw the dead root ball into the corner of my yard. I was cleaning up that corner yesterday and picked up the root ball to break it up into my compost and the freakin’ astilbe was growing prolifically! Roots exposed to the sky all winter! So I put him back in the ground and now I know what to do next year.

It was a beautiful weekend in Missoula. Pushing eighty degrees, blue sky, animals frolicking in the back yard. I started to build a lean-to for garden equipment storage. I hope to finish it by tomorrow and will post pics.

3 Responses to garden sashay

  1. Jean says:

    I am wondering, why did you not plant the peas and beets straight into the ground?

  2. I did! I planted 2 additional pea seeds because there were some holes in my row. And, I moved the beets because they had all clumped together so there were like 12 beets growing in a 3 inch radius….so I spread them out.

  3. Jean says:

    I get it. I thought you sprouted them, then planted them. Richy and I would thin them and eat the sprouts. Delish!
    I saw a huge bull snake on Twosome today. Wow, my heart was a-thumpin’ until I saw it had no rattles. The rattlers I’ve seen are generally much lighter in color, too, but still a big bull snake is a sight to pull you up short. Once I realized it wasn’t a rattler I could appreciate how gorgeous it was.