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volunteer tomatoes???!

It is a spectacle. I was weeding and sowing today and there are a few clusters of tomato sprouts. I don’t know what else they could be…but it seems impossible. Last fall I just pulled all of my tomato plants and laid them on the rows to allow the organic material to decompose into the soil and protect it from weed seed germination. Maybe it was protected enough to survive a Montana, zone 4 winter? But since I have cleaned … Continue reading volunteer tomatoes???! →
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garden themes

I found a thread on You Grow Girl that I totally love. It is about garden themes…here are my faves and I’d love to have other ideas: A Garden for Cats: a collection of catnips and catmints, successive seedlings of catgrass, flea-repellent plants, other durable plants that provide interesting little caves, a sunny spot or two for basking and a discreet sandy bed for excretion. Mary Garden: with flowers about the Virgin…lambs ears, lady’s mantle, shasta daisies, roses, lavender, assumption … Continue reading garden themes →
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hot garden trends in 2007

I googled “hot garden trends in 2007″ and was inundated with a million fads explained by economic profile, urban vs. rural living, environmental awareness, families, time…you name it. Are you garden chic? Here are the hippest, most en vogue garden fashions this year. Warning: I beleive some of the following hot trends to be luke warm at best. 1. An outdoor living space. Supposedly their is an entire ilk of folks dying to have furnaces, bars and televisions among poppies … Continue reading hot garden trends in 2007 →
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early arugula bolt & perfect, round, sexy radishes

I came back from a backpacking trip with three inspiring girlfriends this weekend (stay tuned for a future post about plants, dogs and hilarious conversation in the lower Bitterroot) to find my arugula had bolted. In May? That is just ridiculous. The leaves are still tender and delicious but I have about a week max to eat a million salads before it will be bitter and not delicious. And, my radishes are ready to eat. They are so adorable. I … Continue reading early arugula bolt & perfect, round, sexy radishes →
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my first shared harvest & flea beetles on my arugula

I harvested greens from my garden last night and made a delicious salad to take to a friend’s potluck. Every spring I am always surprised by how incredibly scrumptious greens are straight from the earth. I hope I never lose that surprise–it is a wonderful gift after a winter full of flavorless fruit. And it is always a great feeling to share a home grown meal with great friends. The salad was simple and delicious: mixed greens from the High … Continue reading my first shared harvest & flea beetles on my arugula →
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