garden themes

I found a thread on You Grow Girl that I totally love. It is about garden themes…here are my faves and I’d love to have other ideas:

  1. A Garden for Cats: a collection of catnips and catmints, successive seedlings of catgrass, flea-repellent plants, other durable plants that provide interesting little caves, a sunny spot or two for basking and a discreet sandy bed for excretion.
  2. Mary Garden: with flowers about the Virgin…lambs ears, lady’s mantle, shasta daisies, roses, lavender, assumption lily, bleeding hearts, johnny-jump-ups (trinity flowers), Canterbury bells, English daisy, foxglove, hollyhock, sweet william.
  3. Alice in Wonderland Garden: a bed of pansies, mushrooms and red roses. A moss chessboard. Peony trees, a croquet course with plastic flamingos planted around and hedgehogs. A Cheshire cat it a tree. A shady corner for a tea party.
  4. Gothic Garden: black hollyhocks, black iris, black bat flower, black pansy, black viola, magpie columbine, sooty sweet william.
  5. Grain Garden: clusters of amaranth, wheat, alfalfa and millet for the birds.
  6. A Poison Garden is open in London! Check it out.
  7. Artist Garden: Pick an artist. Georgia O’Keeffe could feature all the flowers she painted with scattered bones and skulls. Monet could be waterlilies, lavender and other whimsy items….and a Parisian building.
  8. Pizza Garden: tomatoes, basil, garlic, onion, peppers…

One Response to garden themes

  1. TRB Holt says:

    Theme gardens are a great idea! I will start thinking of one that would grow well in the Minneaplois area. I do have a theme garden here…it is my “Mother Rock Garden”, your grandma had a wonderful talent to grow things and she love her rock flowers. I planted mine here 3 yeras ago and this year it is so great! I plan on taking cuttings from it when we move. Love you Burb & Bug…xoxo