hot garden trends in 2007

I googled “hot garden trends in 2007” and was inundated with a million fads explained by economic profile, urban vs. rural living, environmental awareness, families, time…you name it. Are you garden chic? Here are the hippest, most en vogue garden fashions this year. Warning: I beleive some of the following hot trends to be luke warm at best.

1. An outdoor living space. Supposedly their is an entire ilk of folks dying to have furnaces, bars and televisions among poppies and evening primrose. I like the bar idea…check out that waterproof flat screen! –>
Chemicals are out. Yahoo. This is fabulous and is evidenced by MiracleGro’s new line.
Foliage and non-flowering perennials are hot. I am more and more drawn to this. The textures are so wonderful and I think an over-blooming garden can feel funereal.
Feng Shui approach is fashionable. The whole less is more idea of carefully selected plants and decorations that reflect your style and promote balance. The BBC likes this little garden with a table and chair as a representative of a Feng Shui garden.
Easy plants are in. People are busier than ever…we work too much, have families, volunteer commitments, travel plans…the social aspect alone of being a cosmopolitan gen x could keep me busy for a full work week. Yes. Easy plants are a must.
Gardeners prefer to purchase from local folks instead of Wal Mart. One study suggests that quality-driven consumers favor garden center shopping and price-driven buyers favor mass merchants. um, duh. How about people who want both? I shop the reject pile at Marchies and Pink Grizzly. Best of both worlds.
Masses of color. I really want to do this. A chunk of red next to a chunk of orange…both bloom all season.

There are some trends I have noticed that aren’t on the official lists. Here is my hip garden trend list:
1. Scavenging containers from alleys, garage sales, dumpsters or where
ver you happen to be struck by the perfect vessel.
2. Planting edible gardens with a purpose: I tend to grow what tastes so much better out my garden instead of in a store. In other words, I decide what to plant in my small plot based on what I can’t live without. Another friend, Sara, plants what is ridiculously overpriced in the store. We all have to make decisions. What is your reason for picking only basil and squash?
3. Growing dinner. This is popular amon
g my friends. It is hard to know where food comes from anymore.
4. Rocks. People really like ’em in the plot.
5. Iris. I don’t get this. I hate iris.
6. Small clusters of many pots rather than two large pots flanking the front door. I like this and think it is much more interesting although my husband kicks at least one pot over every summer. He won’t assume responsibility either because, “Babe, they are just so many of them and not much room.”
7. Fences. People are more and more private.

My sources for hot garden trends:
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Kill two birds with one stone: mass plant with easy plants and you will be an uber-hip gardener. Calendula and tulips are so easy and two of my faves.

2 Responses to hot garden trends in 2007

  1. Amy says:

    I LOVE this piece! What a fun read. It is nice to know that my gardening is hot and trendy right now. I too am very drawn to the outdoor living space. We are working on a patio with a build in grill and I am getting my patio table ready to roll. When it is warm in Montana, I want to be able to spend as much time as possible outside, enjoying the weather and the company of friends. I totally dig the foliage and the easy eclectic garden plants and pots that I can enjoy more then suffer over. The fence is key in our little in-fill lot where our nieghbors’ houses behind and beside are only about 12 feet from ours.

    Keep up the great bloggin!

  2. Jean says:

    I have a NFF (New Furniture Fund) cooking for our outdoor rooms–we get to have two–at our new house. It’s hotter’n a pistol out there in summer, so I want to be as comfy and serene outdoors as in. I’m going to have GREAT furniture out there. I already got Richy a hammock for Father’s Day.
    And I am way into whatever I like as far as gardens go. I think the idea of trends is goofy. Except for the chemical thang. But, yes, this was really fun to read.