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running pregnant

I went for a great run up the snake this morning with Alice. I can’t seem to get enough of the spring gulch trail this summer. So, today I write about how I take issue with people who keep exclaiming with utter shock and concern, “you are still running while you are pregnant?!” Yes. I am. And I do not see pregnancy as a disability. I recognize it can be for some women, but, come on people. For the vast … Continue reading running pregnant →
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dinner date with a hip homemaker

On Thursday night, I hung out with my friend, Amy. We had a progressive dinner with the entree at her house and dessert at mine. So, I packed my orange, uber hip bunny tote (that I made in a class at Selvedge Studio) with two Sierra Nevada Pale Ales and two non-alcoholic St. Pauli Girls (I think this the best na beer but am sure there are better ones and would adore suggestions) and walked the three and a half … Continue reading dinner date with a hip homemaker →
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what gives

I have been looney this week. Example: Monday morning. I am feeling all productive getting a mailing out for work. I print out all the letters, hand address the envelopes and then stuff and seal. I realize I have not signed the letters and have to open them all to sign and then readdress envelopes, restuff, reseal. I realize that the letters are incomplete; they say, “please join us for these upcoming events:” and then my closing salutation. So, I … Continue reading what gives →
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on a beautiful Missoula morning

It will be hot today. This morning is perfect. I woke up starving which happens a lot lately as I am with child. The critters who live with us are so happy on a morning like this and were all begging to have their photographs taken. Photos from top to bottom: Begonia, Bell Pepper, Olive, Bull Blood beet, Alice, Beaverlodge plum tomato, Sam, Zucchini and my new favorite flip flops.
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survey anyone?

Dear reader,I invite you to dig this delightfully short and exceptionally fun survey.I created the survey for three reasons:1. I want to be the best blogger I can be.2. I want to collect some fun info from my readers.3. I really like surveys. Thanks!
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