what gives

I have been looney this week. Example: Monday morning. I am feeling all productive getting a mailing out for work. I print out all the letters, hand address the envelopes and then stuff and seal. I realize I have not signed the letters and have to open them all to sign and then readdress envelopes, restuff, reseal. I realize that the letters are incomplete; they say, “please join us for these upcoming events:” and then my closing salutation. So, I reopen, reprint, resign and restuff. Again, I forgot to sign two.

The day before I had to check my calendar because I wasn’t sure if it was 2006 or 2007.

I feel as if I am moving through honey with mittens on.

My question is, Which of the following is afflicting me?
a. pregnancy
b. blue moon
c. mercury in retrograde
d. saturn return
e. too much on my mind

3 Responses to what gives

  1. whitelj24 says:

    uh okay, this is funny. i vote for a combo of all but mostly a. pregnancy

  2. ljwb, You are in your Saturn return too…do you have wild and epic things happening? Your trip to Africa is pretty huge. I am just curious if others are experiencing things like me: grad school acceptance, pregnancy, death in family, new job possibility all within like 4 freakin months.

  3. whitelj24 says:

    personally no, but i actually do have a particular friend who actually reminds me A LOT of you that has a bunch of shit going down right now…interesting. i feel like she could be your yang in one aspect.