running pregnant

I went for a great run up the snake this morning with Alice. I can’t seem to get enough of the spring gulch trail this summer. So, today I write about how I take issue with people who keep exclaiming with utter shock and concern, “you are still running while you are pregnant?!” Yes. I am. And I do not see pregnancy as a disability. I recognize it can be for some women, but, come on people. For the vast majority of breeding ladies out there, pregnancy is just different from not being pregnant and you learn how to deal.

I am running a half marathon in two weeks and it will be really different than any other running race I have done. It is different because I have nearly 50% more blood in my body, I have gained seven pounds on the front torso of my person, I am more cautious with dehydration and injury and mostly, because instead of running to beat my last half-marathon time, I am running to be healthy and happy for this growing bug in my tum.

Ever since we saw the avocado-sized being headbanging in my uterus a few weeks ago, I totally picture bug rocking out when I run. I saw what happens when I laugh–because Andy and I couldn’t stop laughing when we saw this miniature person on a miniature screen. When I laugh, bug dances. So when I run, it must feel like krumping or cha cha.

And, it is recommended that pregnant ladies exercise and keep up what they have always done unless it doesn’t feel good (duh). Running is great for me and I love it and I feel great and I am not fragile.

Alice was really tired after our run. But she was still wagging her tail. >

3 Responses to running pregnant

  1. TRB Holt says:

    Hey Burb & Bug!

    I remember when I had you in my tum, (who Dad & I called “Oscar”), and asked my doctor if I could ski and he said, “yes unless I was planning to do it for the first time”…..I loved his answer, and that was 29 years ago. What I take away from this is it is important to continue to do what feels good to you, your own body is a great judge of what you can and cannot do… that said, go run and may the Bug be bitten by your love of exercise!

    I love you both,
    Momma of the Burb & Gram of the Bug

  2. FinnyKnits says:

    Best attitude – I love that you’re running a half marathon w/ child – that’ll be a great story to tell the Avocado someday.

    And, really could Alice be cuter? I think not.

  3. Yeah it will make a good story for avocado who is now a large onion which I think is a poor food analogy because it isn’t round. How about mango or potato?

    My friend Pam says it makes her feel like having guacamole.

    And, no, Alice could not be any cuter.