survey anyone?

Dear reader,
I invite you to dig this delightfully short and exceptionally fun survey.
I created the survey for three reasons:
1. I want to be the best blogger I can be.
2. I want to collect some fun info from my readers.
3. I really like surveys.


4 Responses to survey anyone?

  1. Jean says:

    I did the survey, but want to add I like book references with a link so I can check em out and maybe buy them. I just got The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible used on and the great one awhile back about the meanings of flowers (which I love). J

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Nici I am the one that was testing the comments as I have written several and not been able to post them. I am somewhat lame.

    I am amazed by the size of your beets. I just came in from our garden and I ahd to squint to see if the leave were beets or if they belonged to a weed. Everything looks fab. XOXO J

  4. Hi mil,

    So, when you leave a comment, click “other” and then you can enter your name in the blank box. Or, you can create and account so that every time you want to leve a comment, you are signed in and ready to go. xx, dil