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Arlee Raspberries

My man and I took a ride out of on-fire Missoula up to Common Ground Farm in less-smoky Arlee for some raspberry pickin’. It meant a lot that he came with me because I know he like standing in 101 degree sun about as much as I like my toenails pulled off with pliers. I don’t mind getting really hot as long as it is appropriate. I mean, sweating profusely while wearing a cute dress and sipping a martini? Not … Continue reading Arlee Raspberries →
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tiny clothes on a clothesline

I went garage saling with my friend, Amy, this am and found some good baby scores: a wood sled, 12 clothing items and nine diapers. All for $12. I do love a good deal. One bonus with having a kid is how cute my clothesline now looks.
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so hot. so so hot.

It is still a million degrees in western Montana. My gardens are suffering–they don’t quite know what to do. The plants usually have cool nights and only a few days in the hundreds. But with over a month of near 100 degree or higher weather, fruit is officially freaking out. Laura’s apricot tree formed and ripened fruit in like 48 hours. Apples are falling off my new mullet neighbor’s tree, I think because of heat and no water. He has … Continue reading so hot. so so hot. →
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the mouth-watering fabric

Bug’s room is near completion. I especially feel this way now that the closet curtains are in place. I splurged on large amounts of Amy Butler fabric to replace the closet doors in Bug’s room and the guest room and I was afraid to cut into it. Lame, I know, but that is what moms are for. I have spent the last three weekends with my mom and now have perfectly perfect curtains. I will post the guest room curtains … Continue reading the mouth-watering fabric →
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entrepreneurial potato growth spurt

I wrote about the amazing spectacle I found on the perimeter of my compost pile in June. I know many around the world have been on the edge of their seats anticipating the outcome of the Incredible Spud. And here it is. Thriving. A potato. Planted in June. In a pot. It is true.
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