throwing away good food

OK, so the title of this post is a bit extreme but I feel all icky inside. I just tossed four quarts and eight pints of pickled tomatoes and peppers.

The jars have been lounging in the basement closet collecting dust for nearly three years now. They were my first attempt at canning and my subsequent first realization that in canning, one must follow a recipe. I used my mom’s famous cucumber pickle recipe for maters and peppers and the transitive property didn’t work. The pickled fruit resembles sucking on a mushy piece of algae from the Dead Sea.

This is a painful process and I am grieving right now.

2 Responses to throwing away good food

  1. TRB Holt says:


    Don’t mourn too long, all part of the learning process.

    Any good salsa recipes rolling around in your head? I bought 30lbs. of vine ripe maters + 1 lb. fresh jalapenos yesterday and want to make some salsa. I also found a recipe for dilly beans that I want to try. This will be the last of my canning for this year, (I think)! I have dills, cherries, dilly-onions slices, syrup and pickled beets to share wih you!

    Yours in brine,

    xo Momma