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shucks. first frost.

We had a frost last night. I don’t think I have ever not lost a thing in the first frost. I always think about harvesting everything and then don’t and then regret it. I knew I should have picked everything yesterday. It wasn’t a horrible frost…My tomatoes and peppers are OK. But oodles of brown, wilted basil sit in my plot. A bit can still be salvaged. I did already make two gallons of pesto but still, I hate wasting … Continue reading shucks. first frost. →
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apples and a very pretty scale

My friends, Bobbie and Shirley from down the Bitterroot, gave me bags of perfect, delectable Macintosh apples. Turns out this year was a great apple year. Today I made pureed apples for bug. I decided it was time to purchase a kitchen scale as I have been guestimating all these years. I took my glossy, linens-n-things (what a dumb name) coupon and off I went. Madonna’s Holiday was playing as I entered the fluorescent store. I really find l-n-t to … Continue reading apples and a very pretty scale →
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no fair. whah.

I planted gigantor sunflowers in my garden on May 30. They claim 110 days to maturity and that is pretty much right on as they are just now bursting at 116 days as the days cool and frost threatens. So it is my fault–I always think they will move more quickly for me. I am bummed I won’t get to enjoy them too long. But I will enjoy them. Next year, I’ll start the seeds indoors in March.
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hungry squirrels

A ravenous creature with small teeth nibbled on my zucchini. I have never experienced this before. The bastards also took down my tallest sunflower. This makes me feel all icky inside because I always stick up for squirrels because their movements remind me of my cat, Olive and also because they are mammals and I feel like people think of them as flies and would probably swat them if they had a big enough swatter. I feel like I am … Continue reading hungry squirrels →
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two years. well, ten, really.

Today my man and I celebrate our two year anniversary. But we’ve been together for ten. I always have to get that in especially when people see me pregnant and say things like, “wow, you sure are in a hurry!” And then I say, “look sister, there ain’t nothin’ hurried go’n on here.” Anyway, here we are, two years wed and knocked up. An aside: I have had a headache for 31 hours. Andy quickly threw on clothes after work … Continue reading two years. well, ten, really. →
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