shucks. first frost.

We had a frost last night. I don’t think I have ever not lost a thing in the first frost. I always think about harvesting everything and then don’t and then regret it. I knew I should have picked everything yesterday. It wasn’t a horrible frost…My tomatoes and peppers are OK. But oodles of brown, wilted basil sit in my plot. A bit can still be salvaged.

I did already make two gallons of pesto but still, I hate wasting all those fragrant green leaves.

3 Responses to shucks. first frost.

  1. Julie says:

    Dig this COOL chick,
    its so fun to catch up with you through your blog.. i am excited to hear the pregnancy is going well. A little girl!!! (had to read aways back to figure that one out, and then i still did not figure it out. Luckily your ma gave it away in a post!)

  2. Julie! We need to talk live. Yes, a g. crazy. xx, n

  3. jessica says:

    Hello Noco! I have to tell you that I love reading your blogs. They are wonderful and you take the best pics. I hope that the pregnancy is going well. I wish that I had so many wonderful comments to make in regards to gardening, but since I live in lovely Georgia with awesome red clay for dirt and a brown thumb I am screwed in the gardening dept. Miss you!