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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. For years we have hosted. I love getting up when it is dark and the temperature is in the single digits. I don’t love the raw turkey and stuffing the rib cage with bread and veggies but I prepare it for those I love so I suck it up and bind that bird. This year we decided not to host as bug’s arrival is unknown. We started the day off lazing around and for us … Continue reading thankful →
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sweet sweet toaster victory

So this morning I noticed a certain appliance was plugged in and there were crumbs. Channeling Nancy Drew, I phoned my man to inquire. Sure enough, he had toast this morning. The clean toaster works like a charm. Happy Birthday Anniree. Since I didn’t post on your day, I thought I’d make it an even week late for purpose.
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yay snow

So this is the latest, in my memory, that Missoula has received a good smattering of snow. It is usually about a month ago that the first flakes fly. So, just for the moment, as I sip strong coffee in my ski hat and winter boots, it feels like global warming isn’t as imminent. I hope it keeps up. Although it would be hard if we finally had a decent ski season the year we have a bug…Andy said he … Continue reading yay snow →
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spiffed up onesies

Andy and I both hold an aversion to baby clothes that say things like thank heaven for little girls and cute as cute can be and quack quack goes the duck. I mean, seriously. So, in the spirit of not buying new stuff, I have been collecting onesies and such from friends and garage sales. The good news is, the patches with the silly slogans are easily removed or covered up. I have a ton of fabulous fabric and had … Continue reading spiffed up onesies →
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bug’s room is complete

Well, not totally complete. We still need the quilt Andy’s grandma Dolly is making. And a kid. But, otherwise, I really love her room. I like thinking about where all the parts came from: We are borrowing the crib from my dear friend Loni. My mom gave us the shelves that were my grandmother’s and she painted them a few months back while on a visit from Red Lodge. My ma in law gave us the rocking chair that she … Continue reading bug’s room is complete →
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