bug’s room is complete

Well, not totally complete. We still need the quilt Andy’s grandma Dolly is making. And a kid. But, otherwise, I really love her room.

I like thinking about where all the parts came from: We are borrowing the crib from my dear friend Loni. My mom gave us the shelves that were my grandmother’s and she painted them a few months back while on a visit from Red Lodge. My ma in law gave us the rocking chair that she used to rock Andy and Neysa and she painted it while in Missoula a few weeks ago.

The clothes, toys, gadgets and books are all from our friends and family and most have been grubbied by their bugs learning to breastfeed, roll, garden, play. The dragonfly hanging over the changing table was a birthday gift from Paige when we were like 20. The changing table was a garage sale score. The dog was not free but damn near and serves as the perfect accessory.

The delicious wool rug is brand spankin‘ new from IKEA. So are the irresistible Alice hooks. I still can’t get enough of the curtains and often turn on the light just to steal a quick look.

Only a few weeks left. And then. Everything changes.

4 Responses to bug’s room is complete

  1. lera says:

    Oh, it’s beautiful! I always felt it was “real” when the nursery was finished.

  2. sarah says:

    looks great! one issue. what is up with andy’s head? when he is standing by the crib, his head looks totally squished. i’m guessing that his hat has a white ring on the top, which is an identical color to the wall, and therefore blends in, and gives his head the appearance of smallness? or is his head really that flat? what is going on?!?!?

  3. I am laughing so hard right now. I noticed that too. No, Andy was not in an accident that caused half of his noggin to be removed. It isn’t a very good photo but I have to take what I can get because he moves quickly and I don’t use flash.

    Yes, a white ring around the top.

  4. Jean says:

    Great room. I am so glad there’s no pink and pink and more pink. Those Doggy Bottom hooks are fab. I really love those.