yay snow

So this is the latest, in my memory, that Missoula has received a good smattering of snow. It is usually about a month ago that the first flakes fly. So, just for the moment, as I sip strong coffee in my ski hat and winter boots, it feels like global warming isn’t as imminent.

I hope it keeps up. Although it would be hard if we finally had a decent ski season the year we have a bug…Andy said he would feel comfortable taking cruiser runs with bug on his chest so we can ski together. This makes me twitch a bit but I trust him on the snow more than me in my running shoes or any shoes for that matter, so.

3 Responses to yay snow

  1. lera says:

    That’s a LOT of snow! When did it fall?

  2. sarah says:

    dude. i wore a tank top home from the gym tonight. we have our heater on because it was 67 degrees in the house :)

  3. mrs chux says:

    and in denver, we had 76 degrees yesterday and it will be snowing with a high of 30 tomorrow. don’t you like the weather updates? ha.