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not yet running

…and running with a sprightly dog says my blog. I haven’t run in months and miss it so. Now that bug is born, I asked my midwife when can I run? When you feel up for it, she said. Bug is 12 days old today and I don’t feel up for it yet. But I am close. I went skate skiing yesterday and, man, it was different than it used to be. Grateful to fit in my ski gear, I … Continue reading not yet running →
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been busy

So we had our bug last Tuesday. Margot Bea. I have been busily posting on her blog and dig this chick has been neglected. But here I am and I actually have something to talk about besides painful nipples, her perfect lips, watching her with my man, my swollen heart, her giant, wrinkled feet and how I cannot believe she was in me and is now out: Margot’s first holiday skirt. It is super simple. Rectangles. But I managed to … Continue reading been busy →
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holiday gifts

I am still pregnant. Honestly, it is making me a bit crazy. I thought for sure last night was the night and then the contractions just stopped after three uncomfortable hours after Heather and Charlie’s eggnog party. So, because I am still pg, today I am able to get started on what will most likely be New Year or perhaps Valentine gifts. I spent two hours at the fabric store yesterday. I found some great fabric but left with low … Continue reading holiday gifts →
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bug mobile

I having been sewing tiny pillows for an art piece I am working on and wanted to make bug her very own little tiny pillow crib installation. I decided to use the scraps from the quilt, guest room curtains and bug curtains. I tried to draw out the mobile but having never made a mobile and also realizing that I am not a planner in that capacity, I tossed the drawing aside and began enthusiastically cutting. There is always a … Continue reading bug mobile →
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Nouveau Bitch’s Night

Long before any of us had kids, I held a monthly soire at my house. Bitch’s Night. The premise was simple: ladies, come on over, bring other ladies, have a beverage or two. It was born out of the fact that of all the amazing women in my life, I don’t get to see any of them as much as I’d like and they all know other women that I don’t know…so it is an open house for bitches. But … Continue reading Nouveau Bitch’s Night →
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