bug mobile

I having been sewing tiny pillows for an art piece I am working on and wanted to make bug her very own little tiny pillow crib installation. I decided to use the scraps from the quilt, guest room curtains and bug curtains. I tried to draw out the mobile but having never made a mobile and also realizing that I am not a planner in that capacity, I tossed the drawing aside and began enthusiastically cutting. There is always a chance my projects could end in tears but it is how I work.

I settled on nine pillows and cut out random shapes. I did have to redo several because in my cutting fury, I did not place the fabric face to face with several of the organic shapes and therefore, they did not line up. duh.

I then sewed and stuffed the pillows and spontaneously added buttons for contrast and interest. I hear kids like that sorta thing. The buttons came from Sara’s grandma’s sewing stash I recently inherited. I cut down a 1/4 inch dowel to varying sizes, again not planning so much.

At this point I was very proud and thought wow this is a piece of cake! I should make these and sell them! I could make millions! But then came the tying the itty bitty threads onto the little dowel and trying to make the effing thing balance. I thought I was going to lose my mind. It did cross my mind that I will soon be this frustrated with a kid who isn’t balancing and I will not be able to toss the kid across the room as I could with the tiny pillows. And when I would finally get the stupid thing balanced, two pillows would be dangling at the same length so I would have to redo and redo and REDO until they were separated enough and aesthetically random so that the whole thing looked accidental.

So, they are for sale. Cost is $678 each. I am really happy with the result.

I know it is a bad idea to have a cat in a crib but Olive insisted on being my assistant this morning. I am really surprised my cats can jump into the crib. I think it is because I had the quilt draped over the side and they can sort of leap off of the fabric. We are in the process of training.

5 Responses to bug mobile

  1. cjs says:

    laughing at the $678…if I had it, I’d buy one. who says it has to effin balance properly…it can be a representation of real life, never quite getting the right balance.

    there’s no way in which to describe the wonderful way your life changes with little ones…you will be amazed.

    good luck

  2. Patia says:

    That’s really, really cute!

  3. Jean says:

    Hi, to Patia!

    Gosh, this really brings back memories. Nathan’s dad and I made a mobile for Nathan before he was born. It was fab, I wish I had a photo of it cuz old Steve has the mobile.

    That is one adorable mobile, Nici. Oh, that little girl, she is going to have fun from day one.

    hahaha, I did love that you are going to charge a big bag of money for it.

  4. lera says:


    (If you haven’t had the baby yet, good luck.)

  5. Melinda says:

    That’s a great idea! Love it! I’m searching for hand made gift ideas, and this one would be great for one of the many young kids my friends and relatives are having. Thanks!