holiday gifts

I am still pregnant. Honestly, it is making me a bit crazy. I thought for sure last night was the night and then the contractions just stopped after three uncomfortable hours after Heather and Charlie’s eggnog party.

So, because I am still pg, today I am able to get started on what will most likely be New Year or perhaps Valentine gifts. I spent two hours at the fabric store yesterday. I found some great fabric but left with low blood sugar and a weakened will.

It is largely because of one woman in particular that just sucked the spirit out of my body as she sauntered through the aisles of bolts and bobbins. She had a bell on her person. Like a jingle bell that rang and rang throughout the store. It was inescapable. It was torturous.

Ding. Chime. Jangle. Tinkle. I think it was attached to the pull on her red holiday coat. It didn’t matter if I was looking at fabric markers or 50% off Christmas decorations that no one needs, she was always within 30 feet of me. I just don’t know how she could stand herself. Has she become immune to the horrendous tintinnabulation (that was a word that my team studied for the Festival of the Book Defineathon. We got second place.)? Does she believe she is spreading holiday cheer? Does she think others enjoy her incessant chinkling all about town?

I actually left the store without two key ingredients–facing and buttons–and now I have to go back. But I just couldn’t take it anymore. I thought about sucking it up and grabbing the items but at that point my brain was loose and my eyes were bulging so I thought it best to leave and return tomorrow.

2 Responses to holiday gifts

  1. Patia says:

    A bell?

    Honestly, I would’ve been hard-pressed not to smack her.

    Good luck with the bug!

  2. FinnyKnits says:

    OMG how I feel your pain on this issue. And why must all these Most Annoying Creatures in the Whole Wide World congregate at the fabric store where I have to interact with them??

    I’ve started bringing my iPod so that no one dies while I’m hunting for the *just right* fabric.