not yet running

and running with a sprightly dog says my blog. I haven’t run in months and miss it so. Now that bug is born, I asked my midwife when can I run? When you feel up for it, she said.

Bug is 12 days old today and I don’t feel up for it yet. But I am close. I went skate skiing yesterday and, man, it was different than it used to be. Grateful to fit in my ski gear, I fed bug and then we all scurried about to accommodate the small window created by her newly full tum. Andy was instrumental in it happening; he could sense my bummed outness when the boys went skiing on Christmas Eve.

So, yesterday morning, he said Babe, what do I need to do to make sure you get out and ski today? And I thought, Gee, I have the greatest guy in the world. So while it wasn’t downhill skiing, I got out and it felt (really effing hard and like my legs are at least 72 pounds each) great.

Andy, his mom, Alice and bug went for a hike up Pattee so they were near my ski path. I huffed along for the first time without my girl since her entry to my world. I have new reason to be strong and keep up with my passions and needs. I have new purpose to be a person who cares for herself and her community. And, a new perspective on efficiency and multi-tasking.

My fresh approach comes from my little bug who is staring up at me as I type (I am learning the important skill of typing with one hand). She has changed everything. But in my first few days of parenthood I am happy to report that my man and I haven’t sacrificed all else we love. It is possible even though many said it wasn’t: we can keep on with our passions and interests with bug in tow. It is just richer and more treasured. And I think really great for her.

We got home just in time for her next feeding. Still in my ski clothes, we melted into my bed.

After a full night of bug action, Andy is up at our local hill right now. He read the snow report as soon as he woke this morning, checked-in with his girls to make sure all was well, made his french toast and coffee and was out the door within minutes.

Our new life is good so far. I can’t wait to go for a run with bug.

3 Responses to not yet running

  1. TRB Holt says:

    YAHOO, you are back in action! Bug is in for the time of her life, won’t be long and she will be skiing & running with you. Well maye a few years…:)!!

    Love to all!


  2. RR says:

    I added your blog to my subscriptions for your gardening content, but have continued reading your blog for so much more. Your outlook is always so positive and warm and inspiring. Congratulations on your little bug, your story was amazing. I hope to become a mom myself some time this year or next, and you made the things that I was most scared about the birthing process seem less intimidating. I typically keep quiet when reading blogs but I just wanted to tell you thanks for allowing me to “escape” from a busy workday to enjoy your words.

  3. Kelle says:

    I’ve been following your blog since my sister has had it listed as a favorite. Your bug is so beautiful, and YES! It’s wonderful to have her in your bed! Aren’t these first days of wonder just magnificent? Reading your posts makes me want to do it all over again! You are a lover of life…and I love seeing new pictures of Baby Bug!