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aprons. huzzah!

I made aprons for gifts this year. And, like many of my recent sewing endeavors (knock on hard, unforgiving wood), they turned out pretty great. (My photos aren’t that great, however, but I was sewing these puppies after work with waning light and it was really effing cold outside. Also, several were gifted before documented but here, at least, is a smattering) The best part? I used scrap fabric and embellishments. The not-best part? I thought I’d be able to … Continue reading aprons. huzzah! →
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merries and hos*

Indeed there are at least eleven storms colliding directly over the top of the interstate forcing a nine-hour drive to the coast into a 13-hour endeavor, then one considers the dog and one-year-old bug and decides against the drive to Portland for the holiday. At least we did, anyway. We have been feeling funky about not being in our favorite pacific city with our favorite people (especially when they announce they are with bun in oven and we can’t be … Continue reading merries and hos* →
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three little nuggets

Oh December. We have had heaps and gobs of parties and house guests and in between all the merriment, I have been (a scosh frantic about) sewing the really-easy-won’t-take-hardly-any-time gifts that are, ahem, taking a while. More on that later. Last night I s l o w e d down a bit and I inhaled three little beautiful corners of my world: 1. The steady warmth of hopeful lights as they make their way through new snow. 2. Olive all … Continue reading three little nuggets →
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really really cold

Winter is kind of like those bullies who just push themselves to the front row of a concert. Nothing gentle about the first arctic snap. It finally snowed here. It has been a wacky few months in western Montana what with the general warmness and lack of precipitation. It makes even those with the slight itch to ski nervous. And then there are those, like my husband, who purt near seize when it’s December and so little (like no) snow … Continue reading really really cold →
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pearadise (ha!)

So I have been paying more attention to the other blog. In truth, right now, writing about my cooking-crafty-runningness is trumped by a newly walking nearly-one-year-old. But the other stuff is still happening (quilt!) and is feeling left out what with all the pictures collecting metaphorical dust in iphoto. And I’ll talk about pears. That perfect, sexy fruit with a too-short shelf life. Not so long ago my friend and stealthy local produce connoisseur gave me a giant box of … Continue reading pearadise (ha!) →
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