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small changes. big affect.

In a post I did a few days ago, I chatted about things I am doing to reduce energy use and consumption in my life now that I have a kiddo. In addition to the comments on the post, I received several e mails from readers expressing enthusiasm for things they do and things they now feel inspired to do. I love it. We are all connected; everything is reciprocal. It is heartwarming and hopeful. I think it is easy … Continue reading small changes. big affect. →
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my first run with bug as a human

Yesterday I ran with bug and Alice. This was no small endeavor and I feel great to have done it so I can say that I have and move on to becoming better at it. As I was readying for the Run I was tempted to leave Alice at home. I know. I didn’t do it and would like to say with certainty I never will. I can say with certainty if I ever I do I will lose sleep … Continue reading my first run with bug as a human →
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I want my kid to have polar bears.

I know I sound kinda preachy in this post, but this is something I feel strongly about. I hope to offer my research and thoughts as a resource for those interested and to hear additional ideas too as I am always interested in other approaches. I got pregnant in March. As with anything that finds its way into my microcosm, I became a dork in learning all things about pregnancy, my body and parenthood. There is a thread present in … Continue reading I want my kid to have polar bears. →
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first post-bug run

I ran today. I ran regularly for the first five months of pregnancy and then about once or twice a week until about seven months. When I set out on this snowy Sunday afternoon, I was a little nervous. And super excited. But not as excited as Alice. I opened my cedar chest to access my running clothes and Alice was in my bedroom within seconds. She was cautious at first because my ski clothes are also stored in the … Continue reading first post-bug run →
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Resolutions have become this nasty little virus that sneaks into people’s brains and convinces them that if they don’t complete any certain nearly impossible task, then they have failed miserably and cannot attempt said task again until the next New Year. I am reclaiming the Resolution. It is basically just a little goal. Something to strive towards and hopefully accomplish or, if not, learn from it. And get off yer lazy ass and try again. I turn 30 this year. … Continue reading resolutions →
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