my first run with bug as a human

Yesterday I ran with bug and Alice. This was no small endeavor and I feel great to have done it so I can say that I have and move on to becoming better at it.

As I was readying for the Run I was tempted to leave Alice at home. I know. I didn’t do it and would like to say with certainty I never will. I can say with certainty if I ever I do I will lose sleep over it.

It was an effort. For starters, I need more stuff–something to which I am adverse–the needing of more stuff when it comes to running. I like running for its purity and simplicity. No fees, equipment, racks for carrying equipment, passes or needing to learn to do it. Anyone can run anywhere at any time.

Items needed for run with dog pictured above.

Items needed for a run with bug and dog pictured above.

It is different with a bug and I feel like I need my maternity leave just to master the nuances to a jogging stroller that pulls to the right and a dog that pulls to the left.

I yanked the stroller out, suited bug up and readied myself, all with Alice shaking her booty in anticipation. It would be cool if the giant boob thing would settle down. Seriously, two sports bras that require tugging and compressing my milk-laden girls to get in and an apprehensive peeling off the flesh to get out. In addition to an extra bra, I needed an absorbent product in case I had a relapse of the squirts, I needed to map my route considering the proximity to construction sites (porta pottys) and my cell phone in case something terrible happened (the worry of a terrible occurrence has seemed to grow exponentially since I birthed a human).

And we were off, heading east on 10th Street, the brilliant and deceptively unwarming sun to my back. Within six minutes I was thankful to see the first porta potty option approaching. I realize I will need to get used to hitting the pause button on my watch and to not caring what rogue construction workers think of my circus. I hooked Alice to the stroller, unhooked bug from the stroller and entered the plastic unit. Holding bug and hovering over the frozen hole while Alice incessantly whined was…new to me.

The run went well. I wasn’t expecting to be able to say that. The stroller actually boxes Alice in a bit and prohibits her from the tireless I must sniff that dog’s butt pulling that nearly lifts me off the ground with frustration. We ran for 40 minutes and not even that slowly. It was a good run.

I am running the Portland Marathon in October. I need a goal like that. I want to run with bug in her stroller but I am worried about the extra obstacle. Maybe once I get my groove on it will be fine. Maybe I will run the first half with her or the last few miles or something. I imagine that she is comforted by running. It was, in fact, a big part of her very early existence.

6 Responses to my first run with bug as a human

  1. Patia says:

    Ha ha, that’s very funny. And inspiring. (I can’t even hardly run with my own self, let alone a dog and a bug.)

  2. TRB Holt says:

    Unfortunately the “travel light” days have to be altered. Good for you for the big outing, it will only get easier….I promise!
    Yours in running………..
    Love, Mom

  3. Zamma says:

    Thanks for the great visual of your 1st run with Margot. :-} You’ll have it mastered in no time!
    Love, Zamma

  4. Joan says:

    I swear everything you own with wheels pulls to the right. Great story. You and Margot in the pot creates quit a vision. My only concern is whether or not you had the lid up in the porta potty. XOXO Joan

  5. Joan says:

    P.S. Margot just gets more beautiful everyday. XOXO Joan

  6. lera says:

    She is really, VERY adorable!

    I’m sure pretty soon you will be able to run with your new get-up without a second thought. It will become second nature again.