Resolutions have become this nasty little virus that sneaks into people’s brains and convinces them that if they don’t complete any certain nearly impossible task, then they have failed miserably and cannot attempt said task again until the next New Year.

I am reclaiming the Resolution. It is basically just a little goal. Something to strive towards and hopefully accomplish or, if not, learn from it. And get off yer lazy ass and try again.

I turn 30 this year. 30 seems so round and sexy. I figure, I deserve some Resolutions.

My eight Resolutions for 2008:

  1. Learn to sew. I mean, really sew. I just fake it and limp along coveting what Lera can do in like .7 seconds. So, I am taking a class.
  2. Grow garlic. It is completely ridiculous that I have not done this. I simply cannot find the time to stick cloves in the ground in the fall. Unacceptable. 2008 is the year.
  3. Run a marathon in the fall. I plan to run for the first time in three and a half months tomorrow. I’ll be writing about that one for sure.
  4. Never ever lie. As a general rule, I am always honest but have caught myself telling tiny white ones. I always get busted like the time I wanted the woman who I taught ski school with when I was in college to shut her yap. When she asked what elementary school I went to in Missoula (I did not go to elementary school in Missoula) I lied and said the Clarke Fork School. I just really wanted her to stop talking. It just so happened that she sat on the freaking board of the Clarke Fork School and proceeded to ask me what years I attended because she was just sure that I wasn’t on the alumni list because she would for sure remember and boy, she was super glad she ran into me because having a current list of alumni is critical. I eventually just walked away because I would have had to lie again to get out of it or tell the truth which was entirely too painful by that point. It did get her to stop talking though. I am sure she discovered my lie and that is why she avoided me for the rest of the season. So, it kinda worked. But still. It was a bad bad idea.
  5. Keep chickens! The City of Missoula just passed the Chicken Ordinance on bug’s birthday! I have been wanting chickens for years. When I told Andy I was getting chickens this spring, he asked if we get to talk about it to which I replied no.
  6. Write thank you notes promptly. Argh. I am so bad at this. Ask anyone who gave us an amazing gift for bug. They are coming. I promise.
  7. Take dance classes. I love to dance and danced my entire childhood. There isn’t much else I’d rather do than shake my bod. I want to learn partner dancing. The thing is that I married a man who would rather squeeze a lemon in his eyeball. So, I am finding a partner and taking a class.
  8. Be an inspiring mom to my kid. This is more abstract but I hope to keep up on it. I’ll start by working on items 1-7.

5 Responses to resolutions

  1. Katie says:

    ooh chickens! That’s great!

    I think your list is an inspirational list of resolutions/goals for the new year.

    Hope 2008 is as good as 2007 was!

    Katie at GardenPunks

  2. Wendy says:

    That’s a great list!

    I’m with you on the chicken thing. Actually, I had thought we were zoned for chickens and told my daughter that it could be one of our homeschool projects. Then my man looked it up to double check and we’re not zoned for them after all!

    So, the beginning of the project will now involve some letter writing and petitioning in order to get permission. Which might be a better project anyway. We’ll have to check out your chicken ordinance.

  3. TRB Holt says:

    What a great list,(I am fond of the #8)!
    ~ I will assist with #1
    ~ Help harvest & EAT #2
    ~ Cheer on #3
    ~ Practice #4
    ~ Help name #5
    ~ Check up on #6
    ~ Pretend to be #7
    ~ Watch you tweak #8
    Happy New Year!
    xo, Mom

  4. mrs chux says:

    Sooo glad i’m not the only dancing queen to marry a DUD in the dancing department. Will agreed to take a dancing class with me a few years back, and, let’s just say, it wasn’t a high point in our marriage – ha.

  5. Zamma says:

    Maybe there is hope…..Like father…like son. Andy’s father took some dance classes!