first post-bug run

I ran today. I ran regularly for the first five months of pregnancy and then about once or twice a week until about seven months. When I set out on this snowy Sunday afternoon, I was a little nervous. And super excited. But not as excited as Alice.

I opened my cedar chest to access my running clothes and Alice was in my bedroom within seconds. She was cautious at first because my ski clothes are also stored in the chest so I could still be not taking her with me. But, when I grabbed my shoes, her measured enthusiasm burst. She could hardly breathe she was so psyched.

I didn’t attempt the jog stroller yet. Bug hung with her papa. Best take it one step at a time. I am, after all, a faller. After about 11 steps, I felt something familiar: the squirts. I had the squirts when running while pregnant but they are worse post-delivery of a bug. So, I had been running for three minutes and was nearing Amy‘s house thinking I best take a potty break when I realized the issue was much larger than that.

I returned home and squeezed every last drop from my bladder, promised myself I would add “kegel exercises” to my list of Resolutions and set back out. The second time was much more successful. It was snowing and I really love running while it is precipitating. It is my favorite because not very many people are out on the trails and I feel so alive pushing through cold, bright flakes or thick, soupy rain.

I had grabbed a poop bag and secured it in the waist of my spandex. While trotting along singing my running song (Click on that link. It is worth your time. I sing this song nearly every time I run.), I realized I had lost the bag. I felt bad for littering but kept on running.

I have never taken three and a half months off from running in my entire life.

It went surprisingly well. I felt fab cardiovascularly. My body is different. My hips are narrower. My boobs weigh approximately 19 pounds each. My belly is doughy. I was stiff. I haven’t practiced yoga or even stretched since bug’s birth. Another item for the Resolution list: take care of my muscles. My knees ached and I wondered if it is because I have to refamiliarize myself to the pounding or if it is because my body needs to get used to its new self.

I ran with Alice. I was slow but I don’t think she cared. When I got home I laughed out loud when I realized I had not littered and that the poop bag had made its way to my groin area. Yup. I had been running all about town looking like I had an enviable package.

We ran for 36 minutes and 47 seconds. I am glad the first run is over.

7 Responses to first post-bug run

  1. Katie says:

    36:47? Dang. Still putting folks like me to shame. Not like that’s hard to do, but still.

    I’m so happy you’re able to run again!

    Katie at GardenPunks

  2. lera says:

    Here I am thinking, “Wow! She is amazing. She is running this soon after having a baby?” and then I read #1 of your resolutions list and LOL!!!!

  3. TRB Holt says:

    Pretty impressive! Especially when Margot is not even 3 weeks old. Go Nici!
    xo, Mom

  4. Jean says:

    Well, jeez, if you can hit the trail peeing, with a doughy stomach and an enviable package, I can walk Silver Run. Okay, I will do it this morning.

  5. sarah says:

    go nici! by the way, you already look so skinny (comparatively!).

  6. cjs says:

    and the bug has arrived!

    Congrats! She is precious.

    ah, yes…the string. Twine, ribbon, yarn, or any of the like will do. You might want to leave the string for the “big gift” or use it when something is too big to wrap or when you’re just too tired to wrap one more gift. It adds such a nice delay to the festivities…I find it really prolongs the magic as I watch little eyes slowly grow bigger as they’re nearing the end of their string. Try it…you’ll agree, I’m sure.

  7. speedyima says:

    Mazal tov on your first run, and thank you for sharing your journey!