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Florida luxe

I am on my way home from Marco Island, Florida and sitting in the Alaska Airlines Boardroom in the Seattle Airport. We’ve all (ma, pa, hubby, kid) been up since 3:30am and I am punchy to say the least. The free bloody maries are helping. Florida is a super weird and unique state. Tourists and retirees. Tan people with ornate belly button piercings and golf. Gators and Montana houseplants growing in the sidewalk cracks. We had a great time on … Continue reading Florida luxe →
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plotting my plot

For certain edibles, we must have starts here in Montana. It is possible to grow tomatoes from seed in the ground but at the end of the season, one is left with an army of green maters that just didn’t have the time to ripen. And I decided last year to never ever try to grow starts again because I am always heartbroken over the spindly, light-starved little guys who eventually die. They die because I throw ‘em in the … Continue reading plotting my plot →
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three oh

I turned 30 yesterday and welcomed myself into this new decade with a great day: laying in bed until 10am with my man and my babe (he also gave my fuhcockta (how do you spell that, Pam?) neck a massage), going out to lunch at my favorite restaurant, coffee at my favorite coffee shop, a trip to the U to check out a few new art exhibits AND–hold onto your seats–a visit to a certain box store to pick up … Continue reading three oh →
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the first garden gab of 08

It is right about now in western Montana that I begin to yearn for spring. It is cold and snowy but not snowy enough for good skiing. And the snow is all old and puckery with brown spots peaking through. I think it is the brown spots that get me. I carefully approach these bare fields and stab at them to see if perhaps the earth might give a bit and could perhaps swallow some pea or spinach seeds. I … Continue reading the first garden gab of 08 →
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funky looking, great tasting apple bread

So as if it isn’t enough of a culinary distraction when I decide to blog about cooking. Everything takes twice as long because there are so many perfect photos to be taken. Insert a photogenic kid and it takes two hours to make bread. A few weeks back, I was so excited to see that Costco was carrying organic apples. I didn’t hesitate to purchase a whole mess of them. Unfortunately, they taste like ass. So, when life gives you … Continue reading funky looking, great tasting apple bread →
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