three oh

I turned 30 yesterday and welcomed myself into this new decade with a great day: laying in bed until 10am with my man and my babe (he also gave my fuhcockta (how do you spell that, Pam?) neck a massage), going out to lunch at my favorite restaurant, coffee at my favorite coffee shop, a trip to the U to check out a few new art exhibits AND–hold onto your seats–a visit to a certain box store to pick up my birthday present:

Andy surprised me with a new iMac. I KNOW. And, my parentals got me a new camera. So, I feel all teched out and very loved.

It was a good birthday that ended in a party at my house with about 30 folks, some cocktails and laughs. Here are thirty things I love right now:

  1. The man and kid pictured above.
  2. This song.
  3. Dark lipstick.
  4. The elk meatballs Andy made last night.
  5. My family. I couldn’t ask for any better.
  6. Getting a good deal on an item of clothing.
  7. My rogue gray hairs. Sometimes.
  8. Big, colorful earrings.
  9. Martinis with the tiniest splash of olive juice.
  10. Bug’s grunts and stretches as she wakes up in the morning.
  11. Orange.
  12. Heated car seats.
  13. My dog and cats.
  14. A clean kitchen sink.
  15. Taking a great photo.
  16. Elegant but hardy glassware.
  17. Thinking about Bush not being our president much longer.
  18. Dorking out on my new computer.
  19. Dancing in a crowd of high energy people.
  20. My girlfriends.
  21. Odwalla grapefruit juice.
  22. My morning coffee in a mug with a light colored interior.
  23. Running when it is snowing or raining.
  24. Andy’s excitement to see bug when he gets home from work.
  25. Taking stuff I don’t need to the thrift store.
  26. When I allow myself the time to practice yoga.
  27. Shoes that are super cute and don’t hurt really bad.
  28. Cds in the correct cd cases.
  29. When people use inside voices while talking on their cell phones.
  30. Being 30. I hear all my insecurities will vanish and I will relish in my confidence and strength. Bring it.

6 Responses to three oh

  1. jodi says:

    Happy birthday! It’s nice to see someone pick out thirty things that make them happy. Especially I like the one about Bush…could we give you our bushlike prime minister, by any chance? :-)

  2. TRB Holt says:

    3-0 never looked so good!

    Happy Birthday to one of the best things I ever made!

    Love you Sweetie,

  3. The Parke Family says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. lera says:

    Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a great one.

  5. Pam says:

    Ferkockteh! Good List, Ole! How goes the iMac?
    Fun party on Friday night and you didn’t even look a day older. Huzzah!

  6. joan says:

    Yes Nicole Rae you are indeed loved. We all would have been happy to have been there to celebrate with you. Your list is great. Birthdays are a good time to take stock, I’m sure your list could have gone on and on. You’re a good woman, XOXO J