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chick chat

And I thought my bug was growing fast. The girls are all bird-like all of the sudden. Peep and poop. That is the life of my chickens. Dee is definitely not a Dee (the Ameraucana, the chick with the dark stripe on her head). At first I thought she was grandmotherly but now she is just a big, fat bully boss princess. So that is her name for now: big fat bully boss princess. Bossy P for short. It is … Continue reading chick chat →
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Easter day started with Alice briefly but thoroughly enjoying the new toy I bought her at Goodwill. Then I made two blood orange upside-down cakes. It was only 8:30am. Partly because I was productive and partly because bug hadn’t slept and so I hadn’t slept and I eventually gave up and got up. i We went to brunch at Laura and Craig’s house. Bug wore the amazing dress my mom made her. The dress is seriously so gorgeous. I might … Continue reading bunny →
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March snow brings April hope, yo

Thanks, all, for your comments. Andy picked a number between 1 and 23 (the number of comments) and the winner is Jane Marie. Congrats! E mail me at nicirae at gmail got com with your address and if you’d like green tomato relish or smokin’ plum butter. In other news, this is what we woke to this morning: It is great, actually. But whah. Looking back to posts last March at this time, my garden was so dry that I … Continue reading March snow brings April hope, yo →
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dig these chicks

*I will select the canned-good winner tomorrow.* :: :: :: :: :: Meet my girls. Dee, Clementine and Ida: I am so psyched to have chickens. We have an Ameraucana, a Golden Sex Link and a Rhode Island Red. They currently chirp, poo and sleep in our guest bathroom. I (with the hopeful help of my loving husband so the project takes a few hours instead of a few days) now have to build our coop so they have a … Continue reading dig these chicks →
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Today, I have been blogging for one year. One year ago today I planted spring’s first seeds, fell and sprained my ankle while running and was pregnant and didn’t know it. Little did I know that the most substantial changes of my entire life would occur right out there on the world wide web. I started blogging because I like to take photos and I like to write. It is like an extra bonus that people actually tune into dig … Continue reading one →
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