March snow brings April hope, yo

Thanks, all, for your comments. Andy picked a number between 1 and 23 (the number of comments) and the winner is Jane Marie. Congrats! E mail me at nicirae at gmail got com with your address and if you’d like green tomato relish or smokin’ plum butter.

In other news, this is what we woke to this morning:

It is great, actually. But whah. Looking back to posts last March at this time, my garden was so dry that I could turn the dirt and my compost easily and I was having to water some spring bloomers because they were parched. So, I am thankful (with a reluctant grimace). It does make me feel behind because my garden was totally ready to swallow seeds one year ago and today, the trench that is beginning to function as a regular annoyed topic of dinner conversation is still scaring my snow-covered, unthawed plot.

7 Responses to March snow brings April hope, yo

  1. TRB Holt says:

    Love the Crocus peeking through, I am so ready for spring!

    xoxo, Mom

  2. mrs chux says:

    60 today, snow tomorrow. :)

  3. barbara says:

    Hi Nici,
    I guess I had a busy week, so I totally missed your contest:).. But, I wanted to say happy blog birthday… I love reading both of your blogs…love the way you write and the way you’re living your life! Hope to see you again one of these days.
    -Barbara S.

  4. Di DeCaire says:

    That very first moment of color is wonderful, isn’t it?

  5. Lois Lane says:

    so i have a gardening question: i planted seeds: coriander, basil, green chilis, oregano, chives and something else i can’t remember. and that same night we got frost. and this is CAlifornia! does that mean i am screwed or is it ok? i have no idea about things like this but i am trying to fill the very empty raised flower bed we built last year.

    love, your retarded-in-the-garden friend.

  6. Ma, me too! ljw, So over it. Barbara, I love hearing form you! Oh Lois! Your seeds are perfectly fine. I’ll call you tonight.

  7. Lois Lane says:

    Also, John just IMd me and asked me if I had watered my seeds. And I was like: “duh. of course.” and then he said: “don’t they need water every day?” and I thought, ‘hmmmm. no idea.’
    The end.