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Is it spring yet?

I am growing onions for the first time this year. We are still having crazy Montana-like weather here (another asshole snow storm yesterday) but I managed to get the perky dudes in the ground after work a few days ago. Although it is chilly and feels more like February than April, my gardens are exhibiting a zest for life and hope for warm weather. Below photos: spicy mesclun mix, spurge (not the horrid spurge), purple leaf winter creeper, oregano, strawberry, … Continue reading Is it spring yet? →
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driving in a blizzard, canine anxiety and Mediterranean walls

Yesterday involved a should-have-been-six-hour 30 mph drive through a blizzard after a heavy few days with Andy’s grandma at St. V’s hospital in Billings. Dolly Mae is doing a bit better. We got home late and bug was restless after days of missing naps and staying up late and Alice had an all-night anxiety attack that started in the car when she nervously climbed up on bug in her car seat (75-pound dog on 11-pound kid = ear-piercing shriek and … Continue reading driving in a blizzard, canine anxiety and Mediterranean walls →
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bare feet and sore biceps

It snowed last Thursday and by Saturday, the mercury was pushing its way up into the 70s. This year is nothing like last year at this time. This post one year ago was my covert way of announcing my surprise pregnancy. Last year it was all blooms and fertility in mid April. This weekend was such a welcome change in weather–Missoula was bursting with pale-skinned folk itching to catch some vitamin d. I rented a rototiller and tilled my garden … Continue reading bare feet and sore biceps →
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no longer chicks

Above Photos: March 20, April 9 I have birds in my bathroom. The girls are growing by the nanosecond. Bossy intimidates me even though I pretend like I am brave when I am around her but the other two are sweet and curious. Would I be able to tell if I had a rooster by now? If Bossy isn’t a rooster, she is one helluvan assertive bitch. Cripe, I hope I don’t have a rooster. I opened up the brooder … Continue reading no longer chicks →
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tired taters

I have limited garden space and a desire to plant potatoes for the first time. Potatoes take up room and have very specific nutrient requirements. They require deep, loamy soil with lots of nitrogen. So, what’s an urban gardener to do? My gardener and rock star friend, Arann, casually mentioned the potato tire method to me some time back and I must admit I haven’t stopped dreaming about it. Now, it is a reality. The method: 1. Place your old … Continue reading tired taters →
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