bare feet and sore biceps

It snowed last Thursday and by Saturday, the mercury was pushing its way up into the 70s. This year is nothing like last year at this time. This post one year ago was my covert way of announcing my surprise pregnancy. Last year it was all blooms and fertility in mid April.

This weekend was such a welcome change in weather–Missoula was bursting with pale-skinned folk itching to catch some vitamin d.

I rented a rototiller and tilled my garden for the first time ever. Holy hell, it was such hard work. However, much quicker than my hand digging that usually takes me a few days. With my tiny plot and limited crop rotation options, it was necessary in my fifth gardening season with the same soil. I add my compost every year but this year I needed a boost of oxygen and stirring. I must nurture and coax my soil so it will nurture and coax the seeds that will be our dinner.

So, anyway, I can barely type because I am so sore. I tilled my plot, dug out my rows and paths, turned my gorgeous (more on that later) compost, tore down part of a fence, built it back up and planted some more peas. I love peas. I never did get to that chicken coop. The fence thing was spontaneous but I am very pleased with it. Less privacy, yes. More sunshine, yes. I hope I can handle the less privacy thing. It has already affected me as this morning I walked outside in my undies and then realized I can’t do that anymore. Maybe I’ll just keep some sweats by the back door.

Photos above: left, gorgeous prepared beds; right, after privacy fence removal and hanging of wire fence. The dotted line is where the fence left its afrternoon shadow before my stroke of brilliance. The window frames on the garage are my cheap and cheerful pea trellises.

All the animals were out enjoying the sunshine with me. Including bug. She even had bare feet.

Hopeful arugula and peas.

So, my plot (click to enlarge):

Look at all that brown begging to be covered with green and red and purple and yellow. It makes my mouth water. Because I removed the fence on the west side, the soil gets two additional hours of light in the evening. That is just enough to merit planting stuff over there. It is worth wearing pants for.

4 Responses to bare feet and sore biceps

  1. TRB Holt says:


    You are creating quite the backyard garden delight, it looks great! I know the plot will thicken from planting to picking, first-rate job sweetie.

    xoxo, Mom

  2. Kate says:

    Bravo — Makes me want to prune trees or relocate ’em altogether ’round my plot! and doesn’t it feel great to be outdoors in spring with babies?

  3. cjs says:

    oh, you are so earthy and green and real and cool, I want to be you.

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