driving in a blizzard, canine anxiety and Mediterranean walls

Yesterday involved a should-have-been-six-hour 30 mph drive through a blizzard after a heavy few days with Andy’s grandma at St. V’s hospital in Billings. Dolly Mae is doing a bit better. We got home late and bug was restless after days of missing naps and staying up late and Alice had an all-night anxiety attack that started in the car when she nervously climbed up on bug in her car seat (75-pound dog on 11-pound kid = ear-piercing shriek and subsequent mom dive into back seat). Please tell me Mercury is in retrograde or something.

At one point, Andy said, We have a four-month old baby and we are up all night with our dog. This is ridiculous. There were a few colorful adjectives before the nouns, but, seriously. I don’t know what is wrong with my canine pal, but we tried everything from pulling her in bed to one side, under the covers, on top, sandwiched between us, on the floor, on her many pet beds…she got in the bathtub at one point. She wedged herself between the dresser and the wall. She was shaking and panting. It was sad and, by 4am, annoying. This morning, she is fine. Right now she is hiking snowbowl with Andy.

Now, with a cup of thick coffee in palm, I will write about my new, cheery robin’s egg blue living room.

When we moved into our house, we had nary a penny to spend and I charmed the Home Depot paint lady into tweaking the color of a five-gallon bucket of mistake paint to something we could use. And, so, our butter yellow brightened the sickly gray walls and ceilings of our first home.

I have grown tired of the color, and am beginning a total paint overhaul of my house. People think this is a crazy idea especially since some of the walls I plan to paint have received three colors since I laid eyes on them. But, to that I say, Nonsense, silly fools! For $30, you can have a total room makeover.

My ma-in-law, the most enthusiastic painter this side of the divide, helped me cover the walls after our morning with Hillary Clinton. I hated it at first. It was horribly glaring against the yellow. But, I stuck with it, and love it now. Plus, it showcases our art, dog and kid so well.

15 Responses to driving in a blizzard, canine anxiety and Mediterranean walls

  1. TRB Holt says:

    Looks fabulous!….your dog and your kid are also part of your art.
    xoxo, Mom

  2. Katie says:

    What’s up with Alice? Hm. Hope she’s ok. And glad Andy’s g-ma is doing better.

    I like the robin’s egg blue. But then again, my house has yellow, purple, lime green, stone, and brown. I like color. :0) Good choice.

  3. Patia says:

    Poor puppy. Maybe a good idea to keep some doggie valium on hand for future anxiety attacks?

    Great paint color and cute pics!

  4. vonlafin says:

    Great color. I need to repaint the house, but am waiting for the 21 year old son to move out. He is very hard on the walls, (band equipment in and out), so as soon as he goes, I can start painting!

  5. lera says:

    Sounds like quite a trip. Blizzard, anxious dog. Glad she is okay today.

    Love the blue. I have recently warned my husband that we will be repainting some rooms Memorial Day weekend, when he has some time off. (I think I am owed it since he decided to spackle the family room when I was pregnant with Spenser 4 years ago.)

  6. cjs says:

    always inspired by your posts…your life.

    sorry about alice.

    the robin’s egg blue is the BOMB.

  7. joan says:

    Sweet, sweet Alice. Could she be feeling the anxiety of the weekend? No, cuz this isn’t new is it? I’m happy she got to get outside with Andy. She was such a good girl in Billings with not a ton of attention given to her. Kiss her for me. XOXOXO J

  8. jason says:

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  9. Kelle says:

    So true on paint makeovers! LOVE painting! I get the shakes in Sherwin Williams! That blue is so oceany and happy…and Bug looks beautiful against it! Poor widdle dog though!

  10. We are starting a paint overhaul as well, but for very different reasons. I love me a paint makeover though! I could paint once a year a be completely ecstatic. I love to paint and I love how quickly and cheaply it changes the space…

  11. Tisha says:

    found you from “enjoying the small things”.

    the “new room” looks great, it reminds me of Tiffany’s or a nice tropical island (which is probably great after driving through a blizzard).

  12. jen says:

    that color is beautiful! what a great spring-y color, it looks really good against your black accents (the door and table are black – aren’t they?).
    may i borrow your mother in law?? i have some painting to do this summer…

  13. Kate says:

    Great photos, here. Always enjoy stopping by your blog.

  14. FinnyKnits says:

    Holy crap – that drive looks like the one we did from Reno to Steamboat Springs in February. SCAAAARY!

    Glad you’re home in one piece despite the freak dog business. Maybe you have a mouse in your house – that’s what got our dog all freaked out for *no reason*. Then she found it and killed it and I freaked the hell out.

    Goes to show, we just can’t win, now can we?

  15. kevin says:

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