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I am better at buying plants.

It is nearly summer and I haven’t worn anything in my summer stash in two summers because I was largish last summer and, well, a girl needs some new duds. I was running a work errand on foot yesterday and bug is with her papa on Fridays so I decided to pop into a downtown store. It may sound strange but until like last year I actually shopped in the hip part with music like Black Eyed Peas and Christina … Continue reading I am better at buying plants. →
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my vote is for Obama

It is really exciting that the Montana primary MATTERS for the first time in my voting life. I mean, I always vote but it is usually rather obsolete by the time it gets down to Montana, Puerto Rico and South Dakota. Get yer blank t shirts ready to be spiffed! There is a rally in Caras Park in Missoula this Saturday from 2-5pm. If you bring a t shirt and a contribution to the Obama campaign, my friend Elizabeth will … Continue reading my vote is for Obama →
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skiing is over, gardening has just begun.

We have been having greens from our garden for the last few weeks. The soft, meaty taste of arugula that hasn’t been on a refrigerated truck from California to Montana is bliss. Every year, I forget what that taste is like so it is always a wonderful surprise. Piled on pizza, wedged in fish tacos or just by the handful straight from the garden. yum. We are having a second round of the asshole cold snap. Memorial Day weekend in … Continue reading skiing is over, gardening has just begun. →
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five summers ago

I found these pictures of my garden that I made out of rock hard, dog-compacted, neglected soil inhabited by previous dope-dealing renters of my home. The entire yard (two city lots) was concrete-like dirt with dandelions. I dug the entire front and back yard (did I mention it was two city lots?) by hand. Just me and shovel and a whole lotta determination. I got kinda sappy and even a bit teary when I found these photos. In 2003, Andy … Continue reading five summers ago →
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each wtih their own personality

The super model onions are all lined up and ready for the catwalk: The ambitious peas reach their long, skinny arms for security: The feminine rhubarb’s dark, wavy locks modestly conceal her deep red tissue: The cheerleader arugula stands crisp and preppy with her pom poms: The sophisticated and brooding mesclun mix carelessly sunbathes: The meditative beets have decided it’s time to get on with the sun salutations: The radishes spread their heart-shaped shoulders, readying themselves to catch a tiny … Continue reading each wtih their own personality →
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