I am better at buying plants.

It is nearly summer and I haven’t worn anything in my summer stash in two summers because I was largish last summer and, well, a girl needs some new duds.

I was running a work errand on foot yesterday and bug is with her papa on Fridays so I decided to pop into a downtown store. It may sound strange but until like last year I actually shopped in the hip part with music like Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera piping. I now realize that my third-decade-of-my-life self doesn’t have any business shopping in juniors. Besides, I have to buy sizes that are like one and a half the size that I normally wear so that sucks. And, I think my post-bug belly could stand some less fitted t shirts. And, nobody over the age of 23 should wear anything called “baby doll.” And, if there is ruching around the breast area, you better be a B cup at the most.

Then I headed toward the stuff made for people with hips and found myself picking things up that I would never have picked up a year ago but I thought, I, well, maybe my style is evolving. I looked up and saw the Misses Sportswear sign and I looked in my hand and realized I had picked up really really ugly stuff. So, I asked myself, nearly out loud, am I just unhip now or are the styles awful and designed for petite pregnant women? (when I posed this Q to Andy he said I sounded like Carrie Bradshaw to which I replied, that might be the greatest compliment I have ever received). The only person who looks good in a large print, empire waist, silky mu mu is a cute prego lady. And, then I was annoyed that it is called Misses Sportswear. What does that mean? That all us Montana women shop there for our cricket attire? I didn’t buy anything.

So after work I met some friends for a beer and then I had to go to a certain box store to get things one can only get there like a baby spoon (that’s right my bug is eating cereal!) and plain t shirts that I won’t mind getting baby puke on. Anyway, my opinion was cemented when I found myself in the Exhilaration and Mossimo section next to a cute girl whose boyfriend was picking out pants for her to wear but shoot! They don’t have a size five! I quickly moved into my age-appropriate area of Merona and Issac Mizrahi. By the way, Target is the HOT spot for pregnant women and new moms on Friday night.

Anyway, my shopping was fruitless and I am much better at buying plants anyway and they are definitely not made in China. I had big plans to start my heirloom seeds in my friend’s greenhouse but it didn’t happen so I went to the farmer’s market this morning alone because Andy would rather be kicked in the shin than be a part of the Saturday morning who’s who scene. I bought some gorgeous tomato and pepper plants and a small bag of local morel mushrooms to go with our local steak and not-so-local delicious bottle of wine my man got me for mother’s day. Tonight after our afternoon recreation (Andy bikes with Alice and I hike with bug), we are having a backyard dinner date in sunny, gorgeous, green, hopeful western Montana.

Our date will be in our backyard with the chickens who are now giant birds. Bossy still scares the poop out of me but I make myself pet her anyway. My mom gave us a sign for the coop that is the perfect addition to the hen palace my darling partner built: The Love Coop.

Love in the coop, my backyard, Montana, bliss.

12 Responses to I am better at buying plants.

  1. TRB Holt says:

    Carrie Bradshaw has NOTHING on you!

    xoxo, Mom

  2. Kate says:

    Mm hm, I look at them on the rack, think they really do look like my size, but then I try them on, and I am ertainly no longer an M/8-10. I diagnosed myself with a touch of body dismorphic syndrome. I think what I ended up buying at the outlet were actually plus-sized tees — all I know for sure is they don’t leave my belly exposed (woe is me, I don’t even know when it’s exposed anymore, because my epithelial nerves are still numb after the c-section).
    What gives, I always end up writing entire short stories on your blog. Pardon me, I’m off to put jeans on under my old pre-Freya dress…

  3. Kate says:

    Meant “certainly” and “dysmorphic disorder.” Typing and medical-English skills slow to kick in.

  4. Katie says:

    Ha! I hear ya about clothes shopping. I gave up all my 20’s stores almost two years ago. However, I did recently buy a pair of jeans at Nordtrom that fit me like a glove and the style is “Hottie”…that just seeems wrong!! I’m much more content shoping for my home these days. Brings me far more satisfaction!

  5. FinnyKnits says:

    I have started coming to terms with my Can’t Really Shop in Brass Plum Anymore self, as well.

    I even got rid of my yellow string THONG bikini.

    I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief on that one. This almost 30 year old ass *may not* ever get back into that one without scaring the natives.

  6. Jean says:

    The chicken on that sign makes me cackle out loud. Fab sign.

    Oh, girl, I hear you on the baby doll thing. What is with that?? Totally ughly all the way. J

  7. Yeah… I find myself (distressingly enough) in business chic even though I don’t have to dress that way at all. Only because the Juniors is too… Junior… and the Misses is way too old! (Honestly, and ugly. I hope I never make it to Misses if dress skirts with elastic waistbands are what awaits me.)

    My new (old) refuge is the Salvation Army. Somehow cute is okay if it’s quirky.

  8. It’s funny how what we thought we looked *amazing* in, we don’t even look partially civilized in anymore. Then I wonder, did I ever look good in that? Hmmmm.

    Good to know I am not alone. All the more reason to make my own clothes….post on my sewing class projects soon!

  9. Joan says:

    Speaking of being kicked in the shin, that disappointed size five in Target comes to my mind and my leg begins to twitch just a bit.

    Your dinner sounds fab, I love this entry, funny, truthful, sweet. XOXO J

  10. Heather says:

    Oh my gosh, I just had a total “ok, all of my panties are 900 years old it’s time to upgrade” fit, and in the course of trying to find some non-dumpy yet non-synthetic underdrawers I totally thought of you and this post. Shopping for specific things drives me bananas, and shopping for things that I can’t (er, ok, won’t) get from a thrift store drives me even more bananas. Gah!

  11. Docta Jay says:

    You are definitely the Carrie Bradshaw of Montana… Every picture I ever see of Nici is CUTE and if anyone can make misses sexy and chique its you, my dear.

    Lately the only thing i ever wear is scrubs- talk about feeling dumpy. baggy blue with scratchy cotton that hurts your skin… that will make a girl feel sexy. but with all my resicency weight, none of my clothes fit and don’t have time to look for more! oh well, one year left…

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