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growing dinner

It has been a while since I have written…death of a woman I love so much, family reunion…now I am HOME. :: :: :: To me, living sustainably isn’t about organic food and recycling. I mean, it kind of is, but my life sustainable means eating local food that is in season and reducing the amount of recyclables I produce. A big part of this for me is growing my family’s dinner. So, I have been working my tiny urban … Continue reading growing dinner →
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ah. it’s warm.

It finally feels like summer round here. We are dining on radish and spinach. I picked four peas yesterday and there are all of the sudden dozens more today. The firm, raw-green strawberries are established and ready to mature. The arugula is bitter and bolted. It feels warm and hopeful but Montanans tread cautiously in their flip flops for fear of another winter sucker punch. I think we’re safe. In nature, the balsamroot is just finishing up its giddy presentation … Continue reading ah. it’s warm. →
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music a meme

So these things can be fun and I was tagged by black swamp girl and I am not the type to just not respond to a challenge. But I am the type to add a new twist. THE ORIGINAL RULES:List seven songs you are into right now. Tag seven other people to see what they are listening to. MY TWIST:List seven albums you were into ten years ago. My current seven in no particular order (song, artist, album): All I … Continue reading music a meme →
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We have a heavy snow warning in Montana today with three to five inches of snow expected in the Missoula valley. Hey, George, climate change is real.
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it’s cold

Calling for a frost tonight. Damnit. I covered my tomatoes. I will risk the rest mostly because I can’t find anything else to cover the plants unless I use sheets or something and it is pouring rain and super muddy. It really chaps my hide that there is one blue bag–screws up the whole aesthetic. But I haven’t bought plastic bags in years so it was a scavenger hunt to see what I could find in the garage. I was … Continue reading it’s cold →
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