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growing dinner

It has been a while since I have written…death of a woman I love so much, family reunion…now I am HOME. :: :: :: To me, living sustainably isn’t about organic food and recycling. I mean, it kind of is, but my life sustainable means eating local food that is in season and reducing the amount of recyclables I produce. A big part of this for me is growing my family’s dinner. So, I have been working my tiny urban plot for years and I think I finally have it figured out (or almost) so that I am not just growing tonight’s dinner, but I am growing food to live on when the soil hardens and the green fades to gray. It has taken practice and thoughtful planning to make this happen in my 20×15′ garden. My goal: Planting successive crops at the exact right moments so the harvest keeps coming. I am definitely still learning and inevitably grumpy with stupid decisions I make. Like, planting my carrots in many short rows across a long skinny bed. That makes the soaker hose placement look like a lame contemporary line drawing. In March I planted arugula, peas and greens. It was a bit early this year because of our seemingly never ending winter. But the seeds fared just fine and came up as soon as they were given the chance. In April, I harvested all of the arugula and greens and pulled those bolted plants to make room for beets, spinach, radish, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, onions, more peas (LOVE peas). After danger of last frost (or so I thought), I planted tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, eggplant, basil, winter squash and beans. Now we wait and harvest. I love picking spinach and peas straight from my plot and, after a quick whirl through the food mill, bug gets dinner. We also have radish and a few more weeks of rhubarb and strawberries. If I had wed in May or June, I would have carried a giant bouquet of rhubarb. I think I would have been a good homesteader. But I would have had a hard time without essential items like my hairstylist and refrigeration. Read more on growing dinner…
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ah. it’s warm.

It finally feels like summer round here. We are dining on radish and spinach. I picked four peas yesterday and there are all of the sudden dozens more today. The firm, raw-green strawberries are established and ready to mature. The arugula is bitter and bolted. It feels warm and hopeful but Montanans tread cautiously in their flip flops for fear of another winter sucker punch. I think we’re safe. In nature, the balsamroot is just finishing up its giddy presentation and the lupine show is beginning. Last weekend, we stayed at a friend’s cabin up the Blackfoot and I was struck by the (nearly) weedless beauty. Andy was repeatedly annoyed with me as I kept shrieking about how nutty people are rip this ecosystem up in favor of sod tidy golf and croquet. Can you believe people avoid this? And CHOOSE to water lawn and iris, I would say (apologies to the iris lovers. I think they look like egotistical men who wrongly think they are cool). I really don’t get it. I have a feeling in 50 years, those club sport officianados will regret it too. Alice totally prefers native landscape. So blah blah, we all know I think lawn us super lame. In other news, it is currently 73 degrees outside and that really makes me happy. Today is my kid’s six month birthday so that’s cool. There are tiny apricots on trees and we have the ittiest tomato on a plant in my back yard plot. My chickens are doing pretty damn swell. Bossy is still really bossy and I think Clementine is my favorite. If Andy’d let me, I’d cuddle with her at night. Although Ida is super sweet too. She is just a bit less affectionate. Bossy is a pill and doesn’t like to pose for the camera. Read more on ah. it’s warm….
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music a meme

So these things can be fun and I was tagged by black swamp girl and I am not the type to just not respond to a challenge. But I am the type to add a new twist. THE ORIGINAL RULES:List seven songs you are into right now. Tag seven other people to see what they are listening to. MY TWIST:List seven albums you were into ten years ago. My current seven in no particular order (song, artist, album): Read more on music a meme…
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We have a heavy snow warning in Montana today with three to five inches of snow expected in the Missoula valley. Hey, George, climate change is real.
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it’s cold

Calling for a frost tonight. Damnit. I covered my tomatoes. I will risk the rest mostly because I can’t find anything else to cover the plants unless I use sheets or something and it is pouring rain and super muddy. It really chaps my hide that there is one blue bag–screws up the whole aesthetic. But I haven’t bought plastic bags in years so it was a scavenger hunt to see what I could find in the garage. I was simultaneously annoyed and impressed that we don’t have any plastic bags under the roof. The good news is the spinach, peas, radish, potatoes, beets, onions, rhubarb and lettuce are celebrating. Instead of thinking about the fact that it effing snowed this morning and the current temperature is 39 degrees and I am wearing a scarf, I’d rather think about the babe gifts I made last weekend. More onesies for my procreating friends. I am obsessed and I think I am getting better at designs and such. But that chicken needs a little outline to her comb and feet. The first one I made was better. I picked the wrong fabric; it shouldn’t have any white spaces. I think I’ll add some red thready outline and it’ll work. I am quite pleased with the ice cream cone, modeled after a really expensive kid shirt I saw in a catalog. It was a bitch but turned out cuter than a bug’s ear. Read more on it’s cold…
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