ah. it’s warm.


It finally feels like summer round here. We are dining on radish and spinach. I picked four peas yesterday and there are all of the sudden dozens more today. The firm, raw-green strawberries are established and ready to mature. The arugula is bitter and bolted. It feels warm and hopeful but Montanans tread cautiously in their flip flops for fear of another winter sucker punch. I think we’re safe.

In nature, the balsamroot is just finishing up its giddy presentation and the lupine show is beginning. Last weekend, we stayed at a friend’s cabin up the Blackfoot and I was struck by the (nearly) weedless beauty. Andy was repeatedly annoyed with me as I kept shrieking about how nutty people are rip this ecosystem up in favor of sod tidy golf and croquet. Can you believe people avoid this? And CHOOSE to water lawn and iris, I would say (apologies to the iris lovers. I think they look like egotistical men who wrongly think they are cool). I really don’t get it. I have a feeling in 50 years, those club sport officianados will regret it too.

Alice totally prefers native landscape.


So blah blah, we all know I think lawn us super lame. In other news, it is currently 73 degrees outside and that really makes me happy. Today is my kid’s six month birthday so that’s cool. There are tiny apricots on trees and we have the ittiest tomato on a plant in my back yard plot.

My chickens are doing pretty damn swell. Bossy is still really bossy and I think Clementine is my favorite. If Andy’d let me, I’d cuddle with her at night. Although Ida is super sweet too. She is just a bit less affectionate. Bossy is a pill and doesn’t like to pose for the camera.


10 Responses to ah. it’s warm.

  1. TRB Holt says:

    Burb,I wonder how you come up with things…..”egotistical men who wrongly think they are cool”, YOU ARE TOO MUCH!

    Oh sweet Bug, already 6 months old. Shame on your Gram for not sending her a car or something. I am so overwhelmed with this pending mood that truly was unaware, sorry Margot NEVER again will I forget any of your remarkable landmarks in life!

    Cheers to summer, bring it on !

    Lovies, Mom?Gram

  2. Mom, I think you meant to say that you wished you had sent bug a carD but car is super funny. And, you have already poured the love on thick in the first six months of her life. I don’t think she is lacking in the gram-love area.

  3. judybusy says:

    Oh! How can you say that about irises? I finally got two Japanese type to bloom. I admit they’re water hogs, but SO worth it.

    Occasionally, I’ve thought about how exotic my preference runs for plants. God love you native planters, but I just see a mop-headed boy trying to act cool (to borrow a phrase–thanks!) I just started reading Michael Pollen’s second nature, wherein he ponders this very dichotomy of “nature” and “culture” as played out in our gardens. Only got four pages in, as I then just sat and absorbed my garden before heading to work today.

  4. Kelle says:

    Happy Six Months, Margot Bea! Love the pic of the radishes and lemons and carrots…ah, the color.

  5. Great Pictures!

    I agree with you on watering lawns. I can’t understand the fascination with spending your Saturday sitting on the ‘rider’ and then watering so you can do it all over again. But, I grew up in the Midwest as my parents personal lawn groomer. Why buy a rider when you can have your kid pushmow the acre? That was enough to put me off lawns for life! Nice post.

  6. FinnyKnits says:

    Oh I so can understand what you mean about *that feeling*. The first spring day where you walk outside and aren’t immediately rushing back in but for the chill.

    When you feel like the sun is thawing the winter right off of you.


    And your radishes are awfully pretty.

    Happy summer :)

  7. Leslie says:

    yay radishes! I’m just about to pull some up myself.

  8. Gypsy Root says:

    I am totally with you on the whole lawn thing…sometimes as we are driving through neighborhoods we are amused and disgusted with the grannies and grandpas cutting (yes, with scissors) their lawns, tough guys hosing the green blades down and then the looks of disgust from our neighbors, b/c we have been too busy to mow for a week.

  9. TRB Holt says:

    No I meant to say car! or maybe just a pony.

    xo, me

  10. Hey, looks like the weather is going to hold while we’re in Missoula this week. My niece has orientation at UM but I’m wondering if you might recommend some baby-friendly restaurants or places for an 11-month-old to unwind. I was far from motherhood when we lived in Missoula so I have no idea what the kiddo scene is.