music a meme

So these things can be fun and I was tagged by black swamp girl and I am not the type to just not respond to a challenge. But I am the type to add a new twist.

List seven songs you are into right now. Tag seven other people to see what they are listening to.

List seven albums you were into ten years ago.

My current seven in no particular order (song, artist, album):

  1. All I Want is You; Barry Louis Polisar; Old Dogs, New Tricks. Anyone getting married soon? Please dance to this song.
  2. Ideoteque; Radiohead; Kid A. Melts me it is so beautiful
  3. Fidelity; Regina Spektor; Begin to Hope. Her voice rocks.
  4. This Must be the Place; Talking Heads; Best of. I love to dance to this song. It is old but will probably always be in my top seven. Reminds me of college and dancing at the Union Club with my friend John.
  5. Where Is My Mind?; Pixies; Surfer Rosa. Maybe the greatest song in my lifetime.
  6. Tree Hugger; Kimya Dawson; Juno Soundtrack. LOVE HER.
  7. Pure Imagination; Maroon Five; Mary Had Little Amp. I dig kid albums that I like to listen to too.

My 10ish-year-ago seven (artist, album):

  1. Sublime; Sublime. Andy and I listened to this album as we drove up the Beartooth Pass on our first kinda date but not really, eleven years ago tomorrow.
  2. Indigo Girls; 1200 Curfews. My girlfriends and I knew every single word to every song. We would drive around with the windows down (when gas was a lot cheaper and you could still meet people at the airport gate) and scream this album.
  3. Tori Amos; Under the Pink. I still love her so much. I dance with bug to Tori all the time.
  4. Van Morrison; Best of. When Andy and I had been dating a few months, he had me over to his house and made me calzones. He put this album on. We made out and I will always love this album.
  5. Bjork; Homogenic. She is another timeless star in my life. I have a giant crush on her.
  6. Willie Nelson; Live. I met Willie Nelson because my ma in law produced a concert in Red Lodge, MT a few years back.
  7. Moby; Play. I haven’t listened to this in a while because I think I got my fill over a two-three year period when I played this album at every dinner party. Andy may have hidden it from me, actually.

OK, so now these seven get to play:
somewhere between a handshake and two kisses
Flash Pointe
A Drivel Runs Through It
Finny Knits
The Root
Grow it. Eat it.
Enjoying the Small Things

I’d love to hear from others too–List your seven in the comments.

ps Sunny and hot in Montana. Pics and juicy garden gossip soon. Off to the warm, wormy dirt.

18 Responses to music a meme

  1. Patia says:

    OMGosh, I am loving Regina Spektor right now, too.

    And Van Morrison and Moby — yesss.

    Thanks for asking me to play. It may take me a few days, but I’ll do it.

  2. Kelle says:

    i love that i just posted and my little “1 comment” comes up and then i see “dig this chick” and smile…and then it starts with “shit” and i really know it’s you and smile again. i’ve been tagged! i feel like i just won prom queen! no, seriously, secretly i wanted to be tagged…cuz in blogworld, that’s like being picked first for dodgeball. and i don’t want to be the zit-faced thick-glasses kid who never gets picked. formulating my list now…and checking out some of yours. and get this…i JUST listened to moby’s ‘porcelain’ yesterday and had all these emotions flood back from when i too played that album to crazy bits. that baby earned its scratches.

  3. Patia says:

    It IS like being picked first for dodgeball!

  4. paige says:

    I love this game. Music is so so important to me. FUN!


    bon iver, love love his whole album his voice fills my soul with love and I get all emotional. Favorites: skinny love and flume.

    thao nguyen. she is amazing rocking little woman, especially when you see her live. favorite songs: bag of hammers and beat.

    modest mouse… always on my list starting 4 years ago with album ‘good news for people who love bad news.’ favorite song of theirs right now: baby blue sedan.

    blonde redhead album ‘misery is a butterfly’ is my favorite to make out to now.

    the bluebellies have to be on there because that’s my man’s band and I see them play on a weekly basis.

    metric/ emily haines. Amazing song writing. Favorite metric song is ‘twist.’

    Damn it’s hard to narrow down, I have a million others… but last one:

    Bright Eyes song: First Day of my Life (makes me well up every time)

    7 years ago:

    Counting Crows: August and Everything After. Still love it but it is a little embarrassing to admit now because everything after ‘everything after’ sucks.

    Indigo Girls, I was in the car with Nici.

    Outcast: still like them lots.

    Sublime: that was my make out cd.

    Dave Matthews Band

    Smashing Pumpkins: Adore.

    Ani Di Franco.

  5. haha to the dodge ball reference. I didn’t anticipate how much I’d look forward to seeing what everyone picks. I have thought of a million others since my post and was tempted several times to swap.

    P, your list intrigues me because now I need to have all of those albums… is people like you who I rely on to stay somewhat hip to music these days.

  6. Oh and also. Paige, how about Jump Little Children?

  7. sarah says:

    ok i REALLY should be working, but you know how i love my music, so here are mine.
    1) Beirut – i love all of zach condon’s music, especially his liberal use of horns and accordions, but i’d say my fave song right now is scenic world, which is also set as the ringer on my phone.
    2) MGMT – time to pretend (the album is called oracular spectacular) – the album isn’t all that great, but this song is really catchy and it kind of reminds me of mates of state….speaking of
    3) mates of state – my only offer (off their new album, re-arrange us). i love their harmonies. this album is somewhat of a departure because it has a bunch of string arrangements. it’s good though.
    4) vampire weekend – M79 (album is vampire weekend) – i love the strings on this song. it makes me happy.
    5) she and him – change is hard (album is volume one). this album has hits and misses but this song is really awesome and sad and pretty and i can relate to it right now.
    6) stephen malkmus – freeze the saints (off the album face the truth). again, the album as a whole is ok, but this song is perfect.
    7) sonny smith – good folks bad folks (from the album fruitvale). it’s a thematic album about a (kinda) rough neighborhood in oakland where one of my big permitting projects plans to locate. this song is super catchy and fun and poignant. yay.
    As for 10 years ago, I can’t remember back that far. Though i’d say it was probably phish, the grateful dead, and the indigo girls :)

  8. Heather says:

    Oh, you are a rascal!!! I am supposed to be getting things done and packing and mending my wedding dress and stringing up the cukes and planting bush beans and now I am all distracted and flipping through my ipod and then trying to remember whether I packed the Very Necessary Slip required to keep my dress from being r-rated and then wondering if I should admit to how much old honky tonk I listen to and ahhhhhhh!!!

  9. paige says:

    Funny, I thought about Jump Little Children but they didn’t really sustain the test of time, or even a year… it was a freshman fad only.

  10. Kate says:

    Wow, I am tickled to be asked, but prepared to be underwhelmed…This last week I’ve had the “Priceline Negotiator!” jingle in my head. We usually just have the iPod set to repeat all songs by one artist. As specific as I can get:

    CURRENT (artist, album if I know it):

    1. “Amelie” soundtrack — is like my baby-raising soundtrack.

    2. Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five/The Bens — I love songs about redneck pasts and I love it when he/they swear so sweetly.

    3. Beirut, Gulag Orkestra — love the instrumentals and it’s chill and includes accordion, which my baby-daddy plays.

    4. They Might Be Giants — Who writes kookier songs?

    5. Calexico — also very chill.

    6. Yo La Tengo — now and then, when I get around to plugging *my* iPod in (and unplugging my honey’s), this is what I go to first. A couple years ago I trained for a 25K run with Yo La Tengo constantly in my ear. Every time I listen, I remember certain points on my jogging routes that correspond to each song. I love that.

    7. Phish — have I mentioned we like chill, atmospheric music? Something about a teething baby…

    10 YEARS AGO:

    Wow, a college freshman…

    1. Liz Phair — I thought I was so alternative, and I actually got to see her live twice because she was a native Chicagoan (where I went to college). She was so deadpan and tough, I loved that.

    2. Sonic Youth — only when I was pissed off and driving around the city to blow off steam.

    3. U2 — “Joshua Tree” has always been a favorite of mine. I don’t care if Bono is cheesy and like the poor man’s Angelina Jolie, with respect to good works. he still rocks.

    4. Van Morrison, “Astral Weeks” — Something about him. “Slim Slow Slider,” “Ballerina”…takes me far, far away.

    5. Bob Dylan — How can I not love a guy who made songs like “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” “Tangled Up in Blue,” and “Idiot Wind.”

    6.The Who — I love The Who. “My Wife,” “Pinball Wizard,” “Baba O’Reilly,” — from goofy to epic.

    7. Led Zeppelin — wow, epic. “Kashmir” has always brought me to my knees. Perfect for a country girl living in the big city for the first time.

    What a cool exercise that was. Love that you have a make-out song (or memories-of-a-make-out song). Big question is, what did you play at your wedding?

  11. Yeah, I dig getting tagged. I’ll save comment space by giving you the link to my own post:

    Thanks for being my blog-buddy!


  12. Funny that everyone is leaving their answers in the comments! I assume Paige did so because her blog is about her business and maybe talking about a makeout album wouldn’t be entirely appropriate. Anyway, if everyone wants to do it that way, that is fine by me but you are supposed to put it on your blog (good job masta!) and tag seven others….leave it to me to tag people who don’t play by the rules….heh.

  13. paige says:

    Nici my loveface…

    You said….”list your seven in the comments.”

    I tried to play by the rules… but instead I failed and brought everyone down with me.

    Who is the saddest clown in town?

    sorry everyone… but did you like the music?


  14. Shit I knew it was my fault! What I meant to say was that I wanted to pick way more than seven people and because I only picked seven, anyone else who felt inclined should play in the comments.

    ah. oh well, it is perfect how it is. I just wish there could be hyperlinks. Can there be? dunno.

    I think it is me who is the sad clown.

    And, yes, Paige, I am obsessed with your selections. thanks.

  15. paige says:

    hyperlinks, here we go….

  16. Yeah, This Must Be the Place made my seven when I got tagged with this awhile back. ( It was also the outtro music for Sam Seder’s radio show on Air America.

  17. What’s up, just wanted to say, I loved this blog post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!