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the peas are psyched

We had a total cat and dog experience last night. I can’t ever remember getting rain like this in July. And it was chilly this morning, like in the 50s. Compared to last year at this time, when I could be found lounging like a pregnant whale in the doggie pool in the back yard, that’s somethin’. The bummer was that Mother Nature decided to pour on our dear friends 60/30 Birthday/versary party (60th birthday and 30th anniversary together). But … Continue reading the peas are psyched →
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hey look I made stuff!

One of my resolutions was to take a sewing class and I can check that one off the old list. It turns out that I was like a really crummy seamstress before. In fact, I don’t think I should even use that word. Seamstress. As with many things I approach in life, I just went for it full steam ahead without regard to Sewing Rules like pre-washing fabric, ironing, measuring, cutting straight lines, following patterns… This fake-it-’til-you-make-it approach often works … Continue reading hey look I made stuff! →
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and more!

So I was madly running all about yesterday trying to get my nesting box ready for the hens since they started laying already. And, while I was building said box, Clementine started clucking and wiggling her butt. I thought it was because I was in her house but nope. I watched her lay an egg. And then two more appeared before the end of the day. Five eggs in one day. All brown so Bossy P isn’t pulling her weight … Continue reading and more! →
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Good Job Chickens!

Yup. We have eggs. Two of ‘em. You would have thought the chickens were smoking cigars and speaking French with the level of my enthusiasm as I sprinted across the backyard in my pjs early this morning screaming babe! eggs! babe, come here! eggs! I suspected something was up with all the bbrruuuggg brrruuoookkking in their run. Then I had mild cardiac arrest when I saw two brown eggs just sitting there in the dirt. Holy shit. They were so … Continue reading Good Job Chickens! →
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garden update: the strong, the weak and the chickens

After my last post where I talked about feeling all green thumb confident, I must now admit that it isn’t all magic and perfect here in my Missoula plot. There have been some real disappointments this year. There always are…last year it was my squash with the spider mites. This year, while I have no pests (knock on wood), I have some seriously crummy germination. Chioggia Beet. Damn it. I was so excited about these heirloom candy cane swirled dudes. … Continue reading garden update: the strong, the weak and the chickens →
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