the peas are psyched


We had a total cat and dog experience last night. I can’t ever remember getting rain like this in July. And it was chilly this morning, like in the 50s. Compared to last year at this time, when I could be found lounging like a pregnant whale in the doggie pool in the back yard, that’s somethin’.

The bummer was that Mother Nature decided to pour on our dear friends 60/30 Birthday/versary party (60th birthday and 30th anniversary together). But it didn’t dampen the 150 people’s spirits; it wasn’t anything a full bar and tons of love couldn’t cure.

:: :: ::

But now I am off to Steamboat Springs to see my best pal Meg and her fiance. Her man bought bug and me a ticket ( I know. Love him.) to surprise her for her birthday but then he told her which is just as well says Meg because now our room is all cute and cozy waiting for us. We can’t wait. Except this morning I am moving slow because I drank a lot of wine last night because I was all Woohoo I Am On Vacation at the 30/60 party.

:: :: ::

So, the diaper issue when traveling.

We use cloth diapers for our bug. We dig the cloth but when traveling it is a bit more work..washing in the sink and hanging to dry in friend’s bathrooms, hotel balconies, etc. Not a huge deal nor a deal-breaker for our commitment to cloth, but a pain in the ass none the less. I discovered the g diaper a while back and it is this disposable insert that plops right in your diaper cover instead of cloth. The fab thing is that it takes like a month to decompose instead of the estimated 500 years for disposables (if no poo, you can actually throw on your compost pile). Even better, it doesn’t even ever need to go in the landfill because the insert is flushable.

My issue with the g is the price. $16.99 for 32 inserts. Bug has already has $1.06 worth of poo and it is only 9am.

:: :: ::

Anyway, we’re off on the plane to hike in the mountains, imbibe in fab food (Pete is a chef) and just sit and stare at Meg. Wish me luck on the plane with a seven-month-old. I promise witty garden insight when I return.

11 Responses to the peas are psyched

  1. joan says:

    Have a great time. I thought I was taking care of Margot while you are gone. oxoxxo J

  2. Kelle says:

    oh, have so much fun! I flew with lainey at exactly seven months (christmas), and she was just divine on the plane…i’m sure widdle buggers will be just fine! love that pea picture…that water drop? hello, beautiful!

  3. Lisa Hensley says:

    I too have discovered a love for g diapers, and last time I turned my compost pile, I couldn’t even see the one i’d thrown in there. so it truly does work.

    as for traveling on the plane, a friend once recommended band aids as a form of entertainment when I was traveling with my first kiddo at about that age. One box of super-cheap bandaids provided entertainment for the whole flight.

  4. TRB Holt says:

    I did not even think to check your Blog, as I received your message from the MSO airport & chatted with you when you arrived in Denver….I should have known better, of course you would keep us all posted! Margo is quite the jet-setter… Italy with Mom & Gram! (let’s plan it).

    Safe travels….xo, Mom

  5. jen says:

    i know they are expensive…but really what do you think about the g-diapers?? i’ve been wanting to try them but haven’t found anyone else that uses them around me???? inquiring minds want to know!

  6. Kate says:

    Ha! I love the pay-per-poo calculation. I still use disposables for Freya and feel like a real a-hole. I have gdiapers in the drawer and am only hesitating because of that price issue. Wondering if a post on Freecycle will yield anything….

  7. I know it’s not really funny, but I’m still giggling about this line: “Bug already has $1.06 worth of poo and it is only 9am.” You SO crack me up. :)

    Best of luck with the plane trip… and enjoy the hiking and the fab food!

  8. Jean says:

    Will you say hello to Megan for me? Tell her I am so happy for her that she is in love. I smile when I think of her. xo J

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  10. So, the g diapers are fabulous for all those inquiring. I actually have no idea how much disposables are so maybe they aren’t that much more? Anyway, it was great to not have to deal with washing dipes while in Colorado. And, not one leak. Now that’s something.

    One more thing…I don’t use the g diaper covers. Any ole cover will do. I like Bummis and Lite Wrap. I am leaning toward Bummis because they are made in Canada, eh.

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