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sad spuds

My potatoes have looked like shit for a few months but I kept watering them hoping there would be earthy hidden treasures behind that old rubber. They were so gorgeous at first. Fingers crossed. But then I knocked over a tire tower expecting what was promised to me: 20-30 pounds of spuds and instead I got like 20-30 ounces. Super lame and disappointing. I think it is blight which also got my tomatoes but they are still producing like crazy. … Continue reading sad spuds →
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spiffed up piggies

Yesterday, I bought shoes that I love. Shoes that even when half-off were more money than I felt comfortable spending. Thank you, Anne, for justifying this purchase. You are a good friend. The color is envy. And I was. I wasn’t even going to try them on and then I did. I had memories of this store during this sale last year when I was very pregnant and I tried shoes on and fell flat on my face in the … Continue reading spiffed up piggies →
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a hitch in my giddyup

I haven’t been running much. I miss it. Everything after pregnancy and childbirth is really different, although I beg to differ with people who claim you can’t do everything you did before. Because you can. It’s just different. You can go to a late dinner at a friend’s house but you might have to deal with an unpredictable nap schedule the next day or you can go on a run but you might have to deal with pulling over with … Continue reading a hitch in my giddyup →
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one can only consume so many mojitos

Montana can grow some mean mint. I love mint–love the way it looks and smells, the way it thoughtfully fills in around all of the other bush-like plants in my low-water garden. It is also a natural mosquito repellent. Not to be confused with mojitos, because it attracts those. I went to an Indian dinner party and was charged with making a vegetarian dish. I made two and was happy to use up about four cups of mint from my … Continue reading one can only consume so many mojitos →
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yo. Isn’t this supposed to be a gardening blog or something?

Yes, I still garden. In fact I have spent much of my free time in my plot which is why I haven’t written about it. But still. My checklist of potential amazing and inspiring posts is growing so, tonight, with my largish glass of pinot noir and bowl of lesbian popcorn (that is what my friend calls my popcorn with brewer’s yeast, garlic salt and olive oil), I am at my computer to write awesome words and showcase mouth-watering photographs … Continue reading yo. Isn’t this supposed to be a gardening blog or something? →
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