spiffed up piggies

Yesterday, I bought shoes that I love. Shoes that even when half-off were more money than I felt comfortable spending. Thank you, Anne, for justifying this purchase. You are a good friend.

The color is envy. And I was. I wasn’t even going to try them on and then I did. I had memories of this store during this sale last year when I was very pregnant and I tried shoes on and fell flat on my face in the middle of the crazed ladies clamoring for the Michael Stars t shirts and size 27 skinny jeans. I came home with shoes on that day as well, but these. Oh my.

These shoes are inspiring me to clean out my closet and get rid of everything I don’t love as much. Or at least organize my closet so I can always look at them.

I bought another pair as well that I do also adore. They are cute and practical as they are neutral and comfortable and summer-sexy. But, the emerald beauties have my heart.

11 Responses to spiffed up piggies

  1. Patia says:

    Those green shoes are darling.

  2. TRB Holt says:

    Maybe you do have a little of Carrie Bradshaw in you! Love both pairs….and no matter how much they were YOU are worth them. A gal can never have too many shoes or purses! Happy strutting….xoxo, Mom

  3. Kelle says:

    Nici! LOVE them. And they’d look THE BOMB with a pair of dark tights this fall…and a pleated skirt. You’s got STYLE! (but I particularly love the wooden owl stool from your linked post. oh, that is so beautiful and full of character!)

  4. joan says:

    Those shoes are truly gems. I am green with envy and considering the visit a year ago to Betty’s sale, you deserve those shoes no matter the cost. XOXO J

  5. FinnyKnits says:

    If those shoes were a man I would have an illicit affair with them and do things that no decent woman should ever do.


    So worth it.

  6. Heather says:

    Oooooh, those are so fine. I freakin’ love green heels, there is something very deco about them. I love that you do shoes AND chickens AND a garden, that is the best. I am always joking that when we finally get a tractor I will put on lipstick before driving it. Not that you garden in your heels, but you know what I mean…

    And that is way cool about your name decision – it’s a momentous and powerful thing to do, and I hope it’s as much fun for you as it has been for me.

    With enormous fondness returned,


  7. Anonymous says:

    shoes, shoes, shoes
    omg shoes.
    let’s get some shoes.
    these shoes rule.

  8. cjs says:

    those are divine.

    yes, I agree with heather…she runs. she plants. she paints her living room blue. she cooks. she composts. she roots for obama. she sews. she wears cool shoes.

    you are every woman.

  9. sarah says:

    what’s that cool pattern under the green shoe with the flower in it? tile? i want it!

  10. Oh I know and they are so comfortable. So far, I am loving my purchase.

    Sarah, that is my kitchen table!

  11. lera says:

    Oh, great, GREAT shoes!!!!