yo. Isn’t this supposed to be a gardening blog or something?


Yes, I still garden. In fact I have spent much of my free time in my plot which is why I haven’t written about it. But still. My checklist of potential amazing and inspiring posts is growing so, tonight, with my largish glass of pinot noir and bowl of lesbian popcorn (that is what my friend calls my popcorn with brewer’s yeast, garlic salt and olive oil), I am at my computer to write awesome words and showcase mouth-watering photographs about my tiny backyard edible jungle.

And a jungle it has become. In trying to decide what the heck to cut out of my busy summer, I decided weeding would hit to road. Well, really, I weed *just before* the intruders go to seed and then pitch the gargantuan plants in the trash so as to not sow those pesky seeds. It is a lovely strategy if one can get over the not-so-tidy appearance of the whole mess: water the puhjesus out of the earth, wait several hours until the sun warms the muddy soil into damp dankness and then grab the thick weed stalks and voila. This gardener just bought herself another few weeks.

Anyway. The tomatoes. They are really good this year (although I may be a bit in denial about a potential fungus). It’s a good thing the tomatoes rock because my carrots are super shitty. Like no germination. But I do need to mention that I threw the rest of the seeds in the soil like what if and they germinated in the mega heat of Western Montana summer. So, hey, maybe the carrots can redeem themselves. Maybe.


Back to those ripe, fleshy, round, red, saucy maters. The Sungolds were first. They always are with their sun-kissed ocher perfection . But my first hugey huge slicer was a Cosmonaut and then the Siberian.


Then the Golden Girl with her show-offy complexion and perfect figure.


And the beets are pure heaven. Although Chioggia had a lame germination, those that made it are gorgeous swirls of 1984 lipstick and white chalk. We made an epic salad last night of steamed beets and barely steamed beet greens with a dressing of dijon, balsamic, olive oil and salt. I am learning that it is totally worth the extra coin to get good mustard, vinegar, oil and salt. But that’s another post.


The Detroit Dark Red rock my world. They are huge and perfect.


We have peppers.


I harvested the onions and they are tiny but cute. How does one get bigger onions?


So things are growing well on the stead. Every meal tastes like summer which is a good thing because the light and my mood are changing. Fall is approaching. I can feel it in my veins. Canning soon.

12 Responses to yo. Isn’t this supposed to be a gardening blog or something?

  1. nefaeria says:

    Those beets look yummy! We’re growing Detroit Dark Reds for the first time this year and have not been disappointed.

    What type of chickens do you have? I wish I had the room!


  2. Heather says:

    Oh my god, lesbian popcorn has me falling off my chair laughing and it’s only 8:49 in the morning. Awesome.

    And Cinnamon was the middle name, just straight up spice cabinet inspiration. Giggle.

    Lovely beets – I am gonna have to try some of those stripey kinds sooner or later, they are so gorgeous!

  3. John says:

    Hurrah for garden posts! I’m jealous of your tomatoes — don’t have a single red one yet.

    I called the Missoula Cuonty Extension service recently and they say first week of august is a good time to plant cool-weather crops for Fall harvest, so I ripped out the worthless broccoli and exhausted snow peas last week and planted kale, mustard greens, and mesclun mix.

  4. TRB Holt says:

    My mouth is watering to make a meal out of those maters and finish with a dessert of roasted beet salad with feta….I’ll be right there!

    OH and Nici, since all my canning jars & paraphernalia are on on a truck somewhere between Montana and Minnesota, maybe I could be your assistant during canning season.

    Love you Burb…..Mom

    PS….is that Ida?

  5. Katie says:

    I have missed your words this summer!

    Your pictures look amazing. I think you have already mastered the camera.

  6. FinnyKnits says:


  7. Laurel: We have a Rhode Island Red, Araucana and a Golden Sex Link. You should totally get chickens. LOVE the DDRs.

    Heather: Cinnamon. Love that.

    John: Hmm. OK then. I’ll try to plant some stuff. I’m skeptical but those extension folks are brilliant so, sowing some seeds tomorrow! Thanks for the info!

    Ma, Come on over to Montucky and can with me!

    Katie: I have missed writing too.

    Finny: You look at them. Just kidding but my friend Meg always says that and I think it is funny but then I was saying it to my mom and ma in law one day and they told me I was being rude. doh.

  8. Oh and that is Clementine in the photo….the still sole egg-layer!

  9. LetsPlant says:

    Great pictures! You have made me hungry. Now I have to make a sandwich.

  10. Oh my god we live parallel lives. I have chickens, live in Missoula, garden a lot, have a blog, and had a baby at the birth center with Jeanne this past winter. And yet I have NO idea who you are. I don’t recognize you or your hubby. Or even any of your friends!

    This fascinates me.

    Oh, but my kid is a boy.

    Oh well. See you at the Farmer’s Markets… ha!

  11. nefaeria says:

    Hopefully I’ll be able to get some cluckers as well! Do you have a favourite breed?


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