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Turns out Bossy P isn’t a rooster but she is having an eggdentity crisis (those egg jokes are horrible but really hard to resist, no?). She is supposed to lay turquoise blue to army green eggs and she pops out brown like the other hens. It wasn’t eggsactly what I had in mind but they are delicious anyway. We are getting three to five eggs a day. When it’s chilly at night, it is a bit slower. I can’t believe … Continue reading eggscellent →
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in the process of living happily ever after

I loved my wedding so much. It all began with a soggy Willie Nelson concert and dozens of our pals flying/driving/skipping into western Montana seven days beforehand. The week got progressively better until we found ourselves in a wet pasture with everyone we love and rain-soaked vows. We wed on a friend’s farm. It poured and we exchanged promises outside anyway. Alice was our flower pooch. With the help of friends and family (mom!) we made food, grew zinnias and … Continue reading in the process of living happily ever after →
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I have always liked to make bread. It is very grounding and satisfying and relatively easy. And I have always been a bit of a snob about bread machines because they turn out this uniform, uninspiring loaf that looks like, well, it looks like a machine made it, with the standard indents, instead of a human. So, that’s accurate I suppose. Also, I am not a fan of kitchen appliances that I don’t need like rice makers, coffee grinders with … Continue reading rising →
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you’re a peach

I prefer the quiet, lazy Tuesday evening farmer’s market to Saturday morning. The is partially true due to my man despising the market all together not because of what one can purchase and support but because of the who’s who scene of the chacos and the double lattes in hands and the dogs tied to telephone poles with hemp leashes and the bro-bra. It is inefficient. It makes him visibly twitch. So I have to go alone and I choose … Continue reading you’re a peach →
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finding diva

As if it is something you can lose but today it is buried somewhere under my brain thinking too much about fundraising for a museum and my body feeling too much like a tired mom. I dance. I have always danced. I love dancing. I grew up taking tap, ballet and jazz but that isn’t what I am talking about. I am talking about music thumping in blood and body thumping on earth. I did an impromptu solo to Lime … Continue reading finding diva →
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