in the process of living happily ever after

I loved my wedding so much. It all began with a soggy Willie Nelson concert and dozens of our pals flying/driving/skipping into western Montana seven days beforehand. The week got progressively better until we found ourselves in a wet pasture with everyone we love and rain-soaked vows.

We wed on a friend’s farm. It poured and we exchanged promises outside anyway. Alice was our flower pooch. With the help of friends and family (mom!) we made food, grew zinnias and thrifted for plates and silverware for 200 people whom I cannot imagine living without. I love that day so much. When else is everyone you adore in the same place at the same time for nothing other than good food, wine and total joy? I love that day.

We had been together for nearly eight years and had a house, dog , two cats when we married. We waited until we were well established in matrimony before we got chickens though. And, most amazingly, we have since created a human and she happens to be nine months old in exactly 24 hours.

So we have our two anniversaries (with each other and with rings) and today, is our third as a wedded couple. This year, I added his last name to mine. He doesn’t regularly read the blog because, he says, Babe, I live the blog. But I guess I am announcing to him anyway: Babe, Love You. Amazing how it just keeps getting better, eh? You don’t have to answer that.

most photos by bff Paige Green. You should hire her.

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  1. lera says:

    Happy anniversary! And happy 9 months to a little Bug.

  2. Kelle says:

    sorry, that was me. hate the ‘deleted comment.’
    what i meant to say (sans typos) was:
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Pics are beaut! Love the second one where you look all vintage-y. And the Montana backdrop? oh, heavenly. Smiled through the whole thing because A: i so think about my wedding day all the time because it was just divine having all those loved ones with me…like you said, never again are they all together at one time. oh, bliss. and B: because brett is exactly like andy in reading the blog. i gave up on writing him a little message in the (slighter than hell freezing over) chance he might read it, but once in a blue moon he’ll call me from work and say, “i have a minute…what’s the name of your blog again?”
    and C: yes, someday we shall meet, my fellow stalker. and to think, not too long ago you were in marco

  3. FinnyKnits says:

    Gorgeous and joyous – just like weddings and marriages are supposed to be.

    Congrats :)

  4. Ginger says:

    Wow. That first photo is the best.

    I’m a new reader – found your blog ‘casue I’m thinking a lot about chickens. :)

  5. Susy says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Anonymous says:

    cool double last name. you’r e like hilary rodham now. but less pant-suitsy.

  7. TRB Holt says:

    Happy Anniversary to my beautiful daughter and exceptional son-in-law! I smiled off and on all day thinking of what a great time that was.

    xoxo, Mom

  8. Kelle says:

    p.s. checked out bff paige’s site. beautifully creative and inspiring.

  9. mrs chux says:

    will’s aunt changed her last name about 12 years after marriage to her husband. what a cute way to celebrate. happy anny to you two. will and i celebrate our 4 yr wedding anny today (18th)…also not to be confused with the fact that we have been together also for 12 years (with the exception of the ‘dark ages’, hee hee).

    love seeing your updates. much love, lisa

  10. jen says:

    happy anniversary!
    you were both very wise to wait until after the wedding to have chickens. (well…i know nothing about chickens…but i would assume that is the case.)

  11. Katie says:

    Happy Anniversary. Those pictures look very Paige-like. Love love love the first one, and the one with the umbrellas in the rain.

    It’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day.

    Happy 9 month birthday to bug too.

  12. Kelle says:

    one more p.s. just made my very first homemade bread ever. and no bread maker. my mom’s recipe with whole wheat flour and honey and poppy seeds. lainey’s eating it now before bed… smiling. i feel very dig-this-chick. i think i can do this bread thing. feels good.

  13. sarah says:

    aww i loved that day too! still ranks as one of my fave weddings ever! whoohoo! i am still and always have been so envious (in a good way) of what you and andy have. you guys really are what so many of us strive to find (man that sounds sappy). i love you both! and the kid and animals!
    mmmwwwwahhh! (that’s me kissing you)

  14. Lisa Blair says:

    My 4th anniversary is coming up. And I want chickens. ;)

    My husband built a fence. I bet he could build a chicken coop if he put his mind to it.

    I like your blog. Happy anniversary!

  15. paige says:

    HAPPY DAY of you two… can it be a week cause I am belated on my well wishes…

    It still remains the best wedding experience I have ever had… it wasn’t just a day, it was the whole week of community effort and love.

    And I feel lucky to have been a part of it.

    I love you both with both sides of my heart and… I say it every time… i can’t wait to come see you three.

    thanks for the photo love and support.

  16. Katie says:

    Happy Anniversary. I’m still bummed that we missed such an amazing celebration. xoxo

  17. miriam says:

    enoyed your blog and the pictures are great. will check back often.

  18. Wow, thanks for all the well wishes!

  19. Joan says:

    We really did have a great time. There was tons of stuff to do but it never really felt like work. Oh there were a few melt downs don’t get me wrong but all in all the gin helped in those situations. Here’s to you 3 years and counting. XOXOX Joan