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peely sauce

When I make the decision to not do a step in an already-established process, it usually gets me in trouble. Like not pressing my hems before sewing or estimating on 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder or not priming my bathroom walls before painting. But, *sometimes* it works magically. Last Monday I made applesauce and I didn’t peel the apples. And I made the best gol darn applesauce I have ever made. Montana macintosh apples in October are the most exquisite … Continue reading peely sauce →
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when life gives you chocolate dog poo, make applesauce

I am taking the day off of work today and am quickly realizing it will not be the day I had anticipated. Bug is sick. Her first sickness and I am feeling guilty because, in thinking it was a minor cold, I drug her up a mountain yesterday afternoon. And now I can’t help but wonder if her insane seal bark cough is because I wanted to trek up Wood’s Gulch. Anyway, she is sleeping and when she wakes we … Continue reading when life gives you chocolate dog poo, make applesauce →
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last harvest

Today was my last harvest. In the rain-sun-rain I grabbed the last of my carrots, beets and cabbage and yanked the leathery, sorry tomato, pepper and basil plants. I am ready for hardy soups and flannel sheets. Partly because I am excited to start over next spring. And the only way that can happen is if the soil freezes and absorbs this year’s organic material (how do worms survive? I always picture them in tiny sleeping bags with a straw … Continue reading last harvest →
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the next season

We had our first frost last Wednesday and, of course, I wasn’t prepared even though I knew it was coming and every gardener in western Montana was saying up late at night making sauce and pesto and relish. Last year, I nearly lost tomatoes. This year, the basil went down hard. I didn’t get home from work on Wednesday until after 9pm and, well, basil harvest just escaped me. I always feel so guilty and irresponsible when I let this … Continue reading the next season →
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only in montana: camping, a wedding and prison art shopping in one weekend

Last weekend we went back to the Big Hole valley for a little camp adventure/wedding/hiking/patagonia outlet shopping/crazy people watching. Seriously, people who camp down there are nuts. There was the lady last year who had a dog named Hitler who she spoke to in German. This year, the looney couple with the metal detectors who spent the Entire Weekend searching for pennies and nickles and lots of can tops and sometimes a ring or something and the belchy guy in … Continue reading only in montana: camping, a wedding and prison art shopping in one weekend →
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