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thank. full.

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite. For many years we had an abundance of people over to imbibe except last year I was a giant pregnant lady so I waddled over to my neighbor’s house instead. This year we are off to Minneapolis to visit my rents. We actually leave in like eight hours and my stuff is still strewn all about. And here I sit famously procrastinating the packing and kissing my animals goodbye. In my adult life I have … Continue reading thank. full. →
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wooooooooo! garlic in the ground, yo.

I did it. And it may not seem like that big of a deal to those who don’t pay attention to my boring, constant and unsuccessful attempt at the seemingly simple task of planting a cute clove in a tiny trench. But, as a Gardener, I have not felt up to the title. Until last weekend when I dug that tiny trench for those cute cloves. aha. Garlic. The fundamental beginning of a soup. The essential addition to the saute. … Continue reading wooooooooo! garlic in the ground, yo. →
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hello spokane.

I went the Western Montana Fundraiser’s Association lunch yesterday and the subject of the economic climate and its impact on non-profit organizations was addressed by nearly every speaker. The key note said something like so you don’t get your Starbucks and you don’t buy that blouse but you still give to organizations that affect positive change because that really matters. And then one award recipient said nah uh, sister. You always buy your coffee and you buy two blouses and … Continue reading hello spokane. →
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oh happy day

I am moved by the election of Barack Obama in a way that is totally new to me. I have been spontaneously crying since Tuesday night. It doesn’t take much…even just the slightest nice human display makes me feel patriotic. Patriotic. I’m taking it back. The flag never should have become specific to one party anyway. Thank you for your incredibly thoughtful and moving stories about why you voted and what you experienced on election day. They, of course, made … Continue reading oh happy day →
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today. oh. (and a giveaway)

Dear Americans, Well now, this election is definitely really important as evidenced by the hoards of people standing in line for 5-11 hours. Let’s hope there isn’t any fraudulent activity or I might just lose all hope at a fair election. Anyway. Today I write on my blog to tell you to get off yer keester and make a choice; I am especially writing to those of you who I don’t know who have emailed me or linked to me … Continue reading today. oh. (and a giveaway) →
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